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Her har vi samlet et stort utvalg av dagbøker og memoarer med tusenvis av bøker om emnet. Utvalget vårt dekker et bredt spekter, så det finnes definitivt en god bok som passer din smak! Vi ønsker å tilby deg et godt utvalg, så her finner du blant annet Anne Franks dagbok og Astrid Lindgrens dagbøker, og selvfølgelig alt innen memoarsjangeren. Vi går ikke på kompromiss med språket, så du kan selvsagt finne bøker på et annet språk hvis du foretrekker det. Dykk ned i vårt store utvalg og finn din neste leseopplevelse her, enten fra memoar- eller dagboksjangeren. Nyt!
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  • - Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds - Clean Edition
    av David Goggins
    285 - 338,-

  • av Elin Killie Martinsen

    En av tjue har, eller har hatt, kreft. Det betyr at de fleste har familie, venner eller kolleger med kreft. Vi burde ikke snakke mindre om sykdom, mener Elin Killie Martinsen, vi må snakke mer! Som pasient har hun savnet flere bøker som beskriver hvordan det er å være syk. Særlig er hun opptatt av hvordan det føles å være innlagt pasient på et sykehus over tid. Man overgir seg til et regime man må stole på. Samtidig mister man noe av sin menneskelighet, man føler seg som et barn og er helt avhengig av å føle tillit til regimet når man er på sitt mest sårbare. Boka er skrevet for alle som må leve med kreft. Den er også nyttig for alle som kjenner noen som har kreft, og som syns det kan være vanskelig å snakke om det. De som jobber profesjonelt med kreftpasienter vil få gode innspill til hvordan man bedre kan møte pasienter.

  • av Sinéad O'Connor

    An intimate and revelatory memoir from the iconic, acclaimed singer-songwriter

  • - A Year of Freeconomic Living
    av Mark Boyle

    Imagine living for an entire year without money. Where do you live? What do you eat? How do you stay in touch with your friends and family? Former businessman Mark Boyle thought he'd give it a try. In a world of seasonal foods, solar panels, skill-swapping schemes, cuttlefish toothpaste, and compost toilets, Boyle puts the fun into frugality and offers some great tips for economical and environmentally friendly living. By following his own strict rules, he learns ingenious ways to eliminate his bills and flourish for free. Heart-warming, witty, and full of money-saving tips, The Moneyless Man will inspire you to ask what really matters in life.

  • av Paul McCartney
    309 - 926,-

  • av Emily Ratajkowski
    138 - 223,-

    A deeply honest investigation of what it means to be a woman and a commodity from Emily Ratajkowski, the archetypal, multi-hyphenate celebrity of our time.

  • av Bob Dylan

    The Philosophy of Modern Song is Bob Dylan’s first book of new writing since 2004’s Chronicles: Volume One — and since winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016.   Dylan, who began working on the book in 2010, offers his extraordinary insight into the nature of popular music. He writes over 60 essays focusing on songs by other artists, spanning from Stephen Foster to Elvis Costello, and in between ranging from Hank Williams to Nina Simone. He analyses what he calls the trap of easy rhymes, breaks down how the addition of a single syllable can diminish a song and even explains how bluegrass relates to heavy metal. These essays are written in Dylan’s unique prose. They are mysterious and mercurial, poignant and profound, and often laugh-out-loud funny. And while they are ostensibly about music, they are really meditations and reflections on the human condition. Running throughout the book are nearly 150 carefully curated photos as well as a series of dream-like riffs that, taken together, resemble an epic poem and add to the work’s transcendence.   In 2020, with the release of his outstanding album Rough and Rowdy Ways, Dylan became the first artist to have an album hit the Billboard Top 40 in each decade since the 1960s. The Philosophy of Modern Song contains much of what he has learned about his craft in all those years and, like everything that Dylan does, it is a momentous artistic achievement.

  • av Will Smith & Mark Manson

  • av Stephen Fry

    Discover the tales behind the ties in Stephen Fry's witty companion to our most distinguished accessory'A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life' Oscar Wilde'What do ties matter, Jeeves, at a time like this?' 'There is no time, sir, at which ties do not matter' P.G. Wodehouse ________ Every single one of Stephen Fry's ties - whether floral, fluorescent, football themed; striped or spotty, outrageous or simply debonair - tells an intimate tale about a moment in Stephen's life. Inspired by Stephen's hugely popular Instagram posts, this book will feature beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations and photographs to celebrate his expansive collection of man's greatest clothing companion: The Tie, in all its sophisticated glory. Distinctively funny and offering witty asides, facts and personal stories, this book will make the perfect gift for anyone who has ever worn a tie.

  • av Barack Obama

    THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERTwo long-time friends share an intimate and urgent conversation about life, music and their enduring love of America, with all its challenges and contradictions, in this stunningly-produced expansion of their ground-breaking Higher Ground podcast, featuring more than 350 photographs, exclusive bonus content, and never-before-seen archival material.Renegades: Born in the USA is a candid, revealing, and entertaining dialogue between President Barack Obama and legendary musician Bruce Springsteen that explores everything from their origin stories and career-defining moments to their country's polarized politics and the growing distance between the American Dream and the American reality. Filled with full-colour photographs and rare archival material, it is a compelling and beautifully illustrated portrait of two outsiders-one Black and one white-looking for a way to connect their unconventional searches for meaning, identity, and community with the American story itself. It includes: Original introductions by President Obama and Bruce Springsteen Exclusive new material from the Renegades podcast recording sessions Obama's never-before-seen annotated speeches, including his "e;Remarks at the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches Springsteen's handwritten lyrics for songs spanning his 50-year-long career Rare and exclusive photographs from the authors' personal archives Historical photographs and documents that provide rich visual context for their conversation. In a recording studio stocked with dozens of guitars, and on at least one Corvette ride, Obama and Springsteen discuss marriage and fatherhood, race and masculinity, the lure of the open road and the call back to home. They also compare notes on their favourite protest songs, the most inspiring American heroes of all time, and more. Along the way, they reveal their passion for-and the occasional toll of-telling a bigger, truer story about America throughout their careers, and explore how their fractured country might begin to find its way back toward unity.

  • av Fiona Hill

  • av Will Smith & Mark Manson

  • av Billy Connolly
    138 - 319,-

  • av Alan Rickman

  • av Mark Lanegan

    The COVID diaries of the alternative rock star and bestselling author of SING BACKWARDS AND WEEP

  • av Adam Peaty
    138 - 259,-

    Ten steps to push your limits and achieve the impossible from the one of the world's greatest swimmers

  • - The funniest man in the UK's genuinely useful guide to life
    av Jimmy Carr
    131 - 278,-

    Self-help meets memoir in this deeply insightful, fascinating and entertaining book about happiness by one of the country's most treasured comedians.

  • - with Philippa Perry, Dolly Alderton, Roxane Gay, Stephen Grosz, Esther Perel, and many more
    av Natasha Lunn

  • av Barack Obama
    399 - 592,-

  • - Stop pleasing, start living
    av Glennon Doyle

    From the beloved New York Times bestselling author, speaker and activist Glennon Doyle.*****For many years, Glennon Doyle denied her discontent. At first, Glennon assumed these words came to her from on high but soon she realised they had come to her from within.

  • - The debut book from Florence Given
    av Florence Given
    123 - 211,-

    'The Beauty Myth' for the Instagram generation.

  • av Arsène Wenger

  • av Schuster & To Be Confirmed Simon
    165 - 500,-

  • - Raucous stories and outlaw wisdom from the Academy Award-winning actor
    av Matthew McConaughey
    148 - 225,-

    From the Academy Award (R)-winning actor, an unconventional memoir filled with raucous stories, outlaw wisdom, and lessons learned the hard way about living with greater satisfaction.

  • av Peter Schmeichel
    150 - 259,-

    The autobiography of one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

  • av Dolly Alderton

  • av Michelle Obama
    195 - 295,-

  • av Anthony Bourdain & Laurie Woolever
    191 - 275,-

  • - Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor
    av Adam Kay
    128 - 165,-

    The often hilarious, at times horrifying and occasionally heartbreaking diaries of a former junior doctor, and the story of why he decided to hang up his stethoscope.

  • - How I learned to flourish when life became frozen
    av Katherine May

    However it arrives, wintering is usually involuntary, lonely and deeply painful.In Wintering, Katherine May recounts her own year-long journey through winter, sparked by a sudden illness in her family that plunged her into a time of uncertainty and seclusion.

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