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  • - Smells Like Fish
    av Brad Gosse

    Mike Hunt's name is unusual. It sounds like something else. Clap along with these dope AF rhymes like: Mike Hunt Smells Like FishMike Hunt Gets So HairySometimes Mike Hunt BleedsIt Can Be Kinda ScaryMike Hunt Loves to Squirtand Gets Wet EasilyMike Hunt Once Got CrabsAnd Scratched EndlesslyMike Hunt Gets Ingrown HairsMike Hunt Collects ToysMike Hunt Has a Piercingand Gets Pounded Like the BoysSometimes Mike Hunt FartsWith Great Force and PowerMike Hunt Is the FreshestRight After a ShowerMike Hunt is fun for the whole family. Get Mike Hunt today

  • - Wacky words for your workplace!
    av Jasper Hale

    Impress your workmates with your catchy takes on everyday workplace situation! Uncover a playful and peculiar lexicon for the workplace in Cubictionary: Wacky words for your workplace! This inventive guide helps steer you through the maze of quirky vernacular that colors the halls of every office, from the cubicle farms to the lofty boardrooms. Each page of this whimsical journey introduces a newly minted term, offering a humorous reflection on daily office antics, camaraderie and the occasional calamity. Whether you're a seasoned executive, a budding intern or anyone in between, you'll find a hearty dose of humor and nostalgia in this collections of neologisms. You may even impress your colleagues and friends with your newfound insights into their behavior! Dive into a world where deadlines become 'dead-lions', and the coffee corner morphs into the 'procrastination station'. Beyond the humor, this collection holds a cheeky and insightful mirror up to the modern workplace culture, camaraderie and banter that make the daily grind bearable. Grab your copy of Cubictionary: Wacky words for your workplace! and navigate the lighter, humorous side of 9 to 5. Prepare to chuckle, chortle and see your workspace in an entertaining new light!

  • - L'antico uso dell'imprecazione per adulti stressati Bestemmie intrecciate Regali balordi ed esilaranti
    av Altis Simo

    Bestemmiatori professionisti, adulti arrabbiati, fantallenatori, giocatori di calcetto e non solo: la soluzione alla vostra rabbia è finalmente qui!Se sei nel traffico per andare in ufficio, se perdi la partita di calcetto, se la tua ragazza vuole andare a cena da sua madre, se il tuo capo guadagna il doppio lavorando la metà di te... la bestemmia è l'unica scelta. Questo libro è stato creato apposta per te, che cerchi sempre le parole giuste per liberarti dal peso di tutte queste situazioni. I tuoi personaggi religiosi preferiti ti accompagneranno in questa esperienza unica, dove troverai: Giochi enigmisticiMandala da colorareProverbi del saggioAltre attività enigmisticheNon aspettare più! Questo libro è un ottimo regalo per te stesso o per un tuo amico che deve gestire lo stress quotidiano! Inizia a liberarti della tensione oggi stesso e rendi unica ogni giornata con il potere della bestemmia!

  • av Charlie McFadden

    A decent book about a snail and lots of other animals. It is a seriously informative book which will give the reader endless pleasure

  • - Foggy Bottom Stories
    av Charles Joseph Albert

    Twenty-eight irredeemable stories: the products of a troubled mind in troubled times.

  • - Punny and Playful Beelocutions

    Wordsmiths, Spelling Bee enthusiasts, and connoisseurs of the pun will delight in this witty compilation of amusing neologisms invented while playing the wildly popular New York Times Spelling Bee.Author Vikas O'Reilly-Shah, along with contributor Adrienne Valesano, coined these creative concoctions during their daily Bee sessions. While struggling to find combinations of letters, their minds wandered to invent entertaining new vocabulary like "bratuity," "catalize," and "gobnob."With clever etymologies and humorous sample sentences, each entry captures a bit of punny pleasure. Learn the plight of the inept "acrobad" or the portly "flabrador." Explore tantalizing and mouth-watering "tamtric" rituals or imagine listening to the newly-dropped "Jarulon."A perfect gift for word nerds, this collection is sure to inspire laughs and appreciation as it chronicles the serendipity of vocabulary while reveling in the spirit of lively wordplay. Join the journey and unlock your own inner beelocution!

  • av Lese Dunton

    These personal essays have been called poignant, humorous, and mercifully short.Life's adventures as seen through the eyes of a child and grownup.They have won contests, been published in books and newspapers, and performed at Jonathon Timpanelli's famous Open Mics at Shakespeare Bookstore in New York City.(No tomatoes were thrown.)Mr. Hardwick and the Sprinkler After This Life (Finalist) The Big Show (1st prize) Hell-bent for Berries (Runner-Up) Love is Ageless Raggedy Ann and The New York Daily News On the Same Wavelength Dependable Traditions What it Really Means The Freedom of Typing Sparkles in the Night Lese Dunton is a reporter, editor, author, and award-winning essayist.She has worked for The New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, and CBS-Television, and started the online newspaper, The New Sun.

  • - Fifty Inspirational Stories from a Mother Hen
    av Nancy Panko

    Chicken Scratchings - Fifty Inspirational Stories from a Mother Hen is a collection of short stories that will make you laugh or cry, give you the life advice you've been looking for, or inspire you to do something you've always wanted to do.Chicken Scratchings is a great book to tuck in your purse for a read in a waiting room or as an easy-breezy beach read. From the first chapter about a miracle in the Intensive Care Unit to another where firemen have to extricate her husband from the bedroom ceiling, Panko draws the reader into her reality.Nancy's short stories have been published dozens of times, from Chicken Soup for the Soul, Reader's Digest, Woman's World, Guideposts Mysterious Ways, and Angels on Earth magazines. Chicken Scratchings draws all of her shorts together in one book. In each case, the reader will get a snapshot of this award-winning author's life, a glimpse of her family, and the depth of her faith.

  • av Shana Stanley

    35 pages of LGBTQIA+ affirming fun! Not for children or the easily offended. Included in your activity book are: frameable quote coloring pagesDaily Fabulocity TrackerColor the Drag QueensPolitical Voodoo DollThe Official Gay AgendaThe Wheel of Lifeand MORE!

  • av Shana Stanley

    Who says divorce has to be awful and sad all the time? Healing isn't easy, but cussing and laughing helps. Makes the perfect gift for your divorcing friend. Included in this book are: 34 pages of adult divorce funframeable coloring pages with funny divorce quotesActiviby pages like "The Kick Ass in Court Koala" and "Maybe Swearing Will Help"Mood TrackerMonthly Sleep Tracker"Stupid Shit my Ex Says" TrackerThe Wheel of IDGAFand MORE!

  • av Shana Stanley

    40 Pages of ADHD Affirming F-bomb Fun! One more thing you can use when your brain needs to multitask! Including in your new favorite activity book are: Frameable coloring pages with funny ADHD affirming quotesThe Procrastinator BunnyThe ADHD Strengths IcebergUniquie Things about YOUR ADHD brain, Money Tracker for New Hobbies"I had it in my hand a second ago!" activity pageMonthly Journaland MORE!

  • - The Rise and Fall of Funny Messaging
    av Bonnie Honeyman

    In "Humor Interrupted: The Rise and Fall of Funny Messaging," delve into the intriguing world of comedic communication and its surprising decline in popularity. With a keen eye for societal shifts and changing attitudes, this insightful book takes readers on a journey through the evolution of humor in the digital age. Once a beloved and widely embraced form of expression, funny messaging is now experiencing a seismic shift in public sentiment. From text messages filled with witty one-liners to viral online memes, what was once seen as lighthearted and entertaining is now being met with criticism and rejection. Through thought-provoking analysis and expert commentary, this book explores the reasons behind this shift, unraveling the complex tapestry of societal, cultural, and technological factors that have contributed to humor's fall from grace. Bursting with intriguing anecdotes, case studies, and interviews with experts, "Humor Interrupted" presents a comprehensive examination of the decline of funny messaging. Discover how the rise of political correctness, changing generational norms, and a greater emphasis on social awareness have played a role in the changing tide of humor. Explore the impact of cancel culture, the rise of sensitivities, and evolving expectations in our digital age. Gain a deeper understanding of why what was once considered hilarious is now deemed offensive or outdated. While shedding light on the current state of funny messaging, "Humor Interrupted" also hints at the potential future of comedic communication. Will humor find new ways to adapt and reinvent itself, or will society continue to reject funny messaging altogether? This thought-provoking examination challenges readers to question their own laughter and to consider the intricate dynamics of humor in an ever-changing world. "Humor Interrupted: The Rise and Fall of Funny Messaging" is an essential read for anyone fascinated by the power of humor, curious about the cultural shifts occurring in our society, or eager to understand the future of comedy in our digital age.

  • - and wrote a book about it
    av Chet G Peety

    We knew this day would come, didn't we? A.I. is taking the world by storm... but what are its implications for your everyday life?"My A.I. Tells Dad Jokes" is a snapshot of ChatGPT's capability in 2023: its sense of humor, its prowess at wordplay, and its outsider understanding of the human condition. The book is rife with knee-slapping dad jokes (and also a few cringe-y eye-rollers) but the book is about more than that. It's a lens from which we can assess the coming tidal wave of A.I. at a time at which we will invariably look back on artificial intelligence as still being cute, infantile, and sometimes downright silly. Revel in these zingers as you pore through these pages, but at the same time, take a moment to think about how artificial intelligence is learning more about us than we are about it. So snag a copy of "My A.I. Tells Dad Jokes" now... before the robots take over and make us their pets.(Don't worry, being a pet isn't so bad. Your dog has it pretty good, doesn't he?)

  • av Marco Zautzik

    La prima raccolta di poesie di Marco Zautzik, poesie dal 2009 al 2016.Alcune di esse furono pubblicate nei miei primi siti e blog.Alcune di esse furono pubblicate a livello editoriale in un altro tipo di contesto.Alcune frasi di esse furono portate sui palchi teatrali attraverso i miei monologhi, Altre sono state poi incorniciate, quando ho iniziato il mio percorso professionale nell'arte visiva, con i miei quadri di parole.Oggi eccole, finalmente raccolte, interamente.E' stato un percorso lungo e faticoso, quanto affascinante come il mio continuo lavoro con le parole.Parole qui incardinate e scardinate, composte scomposte e ricomposte, alla ricerca di linguaggi e stili espressivi nuovi.Un lavoro sperimentale, poesie sciolte, libere, di giocare e di volare verso i lidi ad esse più congeniali.Con il solito imperativo categorico di far sorrider e riflettere i lettori.E perchè no, magari, farli anche emozionare.

  • - and other tales of unexpected varmints
    av Christi Bender

    From the Appalachian mind of a country girl comes stories to make you jump featuring snakes, mice, lizards, and other things that go bump in the daylight. No animals are hurt in these stories and they are perfectly told, in an accent thicker than cornbread. Read all about how Aunt Mary survived the funeral at the snake handlers church on Little Sand Mountain, get advice from good ole' Uncle Snake himself on how to spot a snake with your nose, and relate to my dogs just decided to abandon me in my time of need after a black snake had moved into my bathroom. Perfect for bedtime stories or a read-aloud.

  • - A Terrible Time Book

    We've all had embarrassing moments in our lives. We all remember the humiliation we felt when events beyond our control led us into embarrassment. This is the story of such a time for a young boy named Alan who discovers that growing up, and all that comes with it, isn't always easy and can sometimes be very hard.

  • - How to retire in Scandinavia
    av Lisa Marie Shankles

    It's Dyngus Day in Buffalo, New York where identical twin sisters Lilah and Laylah Larceny (pronounced LAR -SEN-EE) are celebrating their favorite ethnic festival as they are getting ready to retire from their 30-year careers as makeover queens. The twins are similar, with some differences: One twin believes in ghosts and the other in Aliens from outer space. Unbeknownst to Lilah, her newly adopted pet cat, whom she calls Dyngus is a bit of both. One day as Lilah is watching a YouTube video, she comes up with an unusual idea about how she can retire comfortably abroad for free! But her sister Laylah who has always been competitive with her sister on the down low discovers her plan and takes off for Scandinavia without her! Travel to Norway with the Larceny twins and find out how Lilah's unusual plan unfolds!*Stay tuned for Part III, Out of This World, coming out in 2024!

  • av Matthew Sides

    We all get asked a lot of questions in life.What did you have for breakfast?Can you help me find my cat?Sir, do you mind stepping out of the car (though that one might have been a demand more than a question)?Through all of the questions, I have been asked a few great ones that lead to important stories and moments that have led me to where I am in life.Did you really try to catch a turkey?What is the greatest piece of advice you were ever given?Did you have a conversation with NASA (my personal favorite)?Join me as I answer a few of these questions and lead you through my journey of creativity.

  • - 100 Hilarious Adult 'Would You Rather?' Questions
    av Luke Rimmer

    Do you have what it takes to make tough decisions? Do you enjoy a good mental challenge? If so, "The Adult 'Would You Rather?' Challenge" is the book for you.This collection of thought-provoking scenarios will test your decision-making skills and challenge you to think deeply about what you value most in life. Each question is designed to be challenging, with no easy answers.With topics ranging from morality to career choices, relationships to personal beliefs, this book will push you to examine your own values and priorities. The questions are designed for adults, with content that is both intellectually stimulating and entertaining.This book is perfect for game nights with friends, or as a solo activity for those who enjoy a mental challenge. "The Adult 'Would You Rather?' Challenge" is the ultimate book for those who want to stretch their decision-making muscles and have fun while doing it.

  • - 0-24 Uhr Sa - So - Fei
    av Michael Bübl

    "Ich bin primitiv" Das behauptet der Autor dieses Buches von sich selbst! Ein Journalist: "Ein Meisterwerk der Elendsliteratur. Der Autor erzählt von Elend und Not, von Ausbeutung, Skrupellosigkeit und Kriminalität - von Lebensverhältnissen, die er aus seiner Arbeit bestens kennt. Der gesamte Schmutz der Grossstadt kommt zum Vorschein, und das auf humorvolle Weise." Das grauenhafte Leben eines Schlüsseldienst Mannes. Lesen Sie wie schlecht es den Schlüsseldienst Mitarbeitern geht - und freuen Sie sich! Dieses Buch steht stellvertretend für alle hart arbeitenden Menschen. Der Wahnsinn von dem jeder Kleinunternehmer betroffen ist. Es beschreibt perfekt die Zustände im Gewerbe. Ironie pur vom Meister persönlich Überall kleben die Sticker vom Schlüsseldienst. Rot - Grün - Blau - meistens aber Gelb. Auf dem Postkasten, auf der schwarzen Tafel, auf der Tür, immer in Augenhöhe, unauffällig, aber doch gut sichtbar. Garantiert haben Sie die Werbekleber dieser Minifirmen schon öfters gesehen. Vielleicht haben Sie sogar schon mal selbst in einer Notsituation angerufen. Allerdings haben Sie garantiert noch nie nachgedacht, wer diese Menschen sind, die diese bunten Werbekleber verbotenerweise hinterlassen. Wie lebt ein Schlüsseldienst? Sind das überhaupt Menschen? Wer arbeitet beim Schlüsseldienst? Begleiten Sie einen Schlossermeister einen Tag lang bei seiner Arbeit durch die Vielfalt der Grossstadt. Steigen Sie in seinen alten Lieferwagen ein und fahren Sie mit! Eine witzige und rasante Geschichte, amüsant und kurzweilig zu lesen. 24 Stunden sind verdammt lang im Kampf gegen Kunden, Schlösser und Beamte! Der Schlüsseldienstjob ist die reine Hölle! Schonungslos und sozialkritisch Der Autor erzählt vom weit gefächerten Spektrum seiner Aufträge. Er schildert menschliche Dramen unsichtbare Not, und von privilegierten Beamtentum, die von der Ausweglosigkeit der zumeist völlig verarmten Bevölkerung ihren Nutzen zieht. Er schreibt von illegaler Prostitution der Jugend und vom fehlenden sozialen Netz in einer Stadt, die sich sozial der Welt präsentiert. Mit harten Worten schildert er widerliche Ereignisse in Gaststätten oder mit besonderer Sachlichkeit beschreibt er einen lebensgefährlichen Polizeieinsatz mit einem bewaffneten Gewalttäter. Mit dieser Story werden Ihnen Seiten gezeigt, wie diese Männer mit dem Geheimwissen Türen aufzusperren zu können, erbärmlich tagtäglich das Leben meistern. Obwohl, Leben kann man das nicht bezeichnen eher mehr so eine Art Sklavendienst. Oder besser der Trottel vom Dienst, weil wahrlich nicht mehr drinnen steckt. Der Autor, ein Leid geplagter Schlüsseldienstler offenbart mit seinem Werk die wahre Seite des unbekannten Mannes vom Notdienst. Er spricht seinen BerufskollegInnen aus der Seele und vergisst dabei nicht eine gehörige Portion Humor. Eine tragisch-komische Geschichte, jedoch ist "Lachen erlaubt " Miese Jobs gibt es viele. Ganz miese Jobs gibt es noch mehr. Es kann aber nur einen miesesten Job geben. Dieser Superlativ gebührt ohne Konkurrenz dem Beruf des Schlüsseldienstes. Von der frühesten Morgenstunde bis weit über Mitternacht und dann noch länger, verstörten oder manchmal gefährlichen Kunden mit Schloss- und Schlüsselproblemen die Türe zu öffnen, das ist garantiert eine Aussenstelle der Hölle. Das ewige Fegefeuer selbst, wäre eine Belohnung für den Schlüsselmann. Michael Bübl, Schlossermeister aus Wien, hat mit Traumjob Schlüsseldienst eine humoristische Meisterleistung verfasst. Es wird kein Versuch seitens der Kunden unterlassen den armen Monteur ins Irrenhaus oder auf den Friedhof zu befördern. Das Buch beginnt fulminant und kann den hohen Level bis zum Schluss halten. Es liest sich wie ein zwei Zeilenwitz. Nichts ist erfunden. Alles ist wahr und noch viel schlimmer Dieses Buch ist voll von Rechtschreibfehlern W

  • av Benjamin G Rader
    242 - 1 321,-

    "Ozarkers are not alone in prizing vignettes--nearly everyone likes stories laced with an unexpected and droll sense of humor. A master of this genre was one of Benjamin Rader's great uncles, Jeremiah Benjamin Rader, for whom the author may have been named. As diminutive as his wife was large, it was said that "Jerry" found his own stories so funny that he too often interrupted them by falling into fits of uncontrollable laughter. One such fit cost him dearly; in 1940, a porkchop that he was eating for supper lodged in his windpipe, choking him to death. In addition to serving the day-to-day entertainment needs of Ozarkers, the vignettes in this book, like the one above, offer insight into the Ozarks region, where the author was born in 1935 and lived until 1959. As with archeological sites when unearthed, these stories potentially reveal vivid, if incomplete, details of a culture that are otherwise obscured or unavailable in other sources. These stories challenge the notions that the Ozarks are a homogenous, starkly distinctive region. In some instances, they even reveal qualities of life that are characteristic of rural societies everywhere"--

  • - A Collection of New Essays
    av David R Thorne

    A book about design agencies, above-ground pools, and magic tea by the New York Times bestselling author of The Internet is a Playground. "As sharp, and often as cutting, as a scalpel." THE SUN "Thorne's second book is just as stupid, irreverent, and hilarious as his first." THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD "Instantly engaging and incredibly funny." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

  • - Working At The Zstore
    av Matt Sides

    Have you ever worked at a place, maybe it was your first job or your craziest job, where even if it was not a fun workplace environment, there were still people around you that made the job worthwhile? Do you have more stories that came out of your time there than you can remember? If you are lucky in life, you have had one of those types of jobs or maybe you are in one right now. HOW WAS I NOT FIRED is a compilation of the stories that happened at the Zstore, Funimation's online retail storefront. Starting in a small feed store and moving to larger warehouses, these are the funny stories of what happened inside the walls of the Zstore.

  • - 21 Lugares Curiosos del Mundo

    El mundo es fascinante, los poetas los vienen diciendo desde hace siglos y tienen razón. Esto no es... Una Guía Turística no es una guía turística, como su nombre indica. Es una celebración de la sorpresa, el absurdo y la fascinación que nos transmiten 21 lugares curiosos del mundo. Son casas encantadas, hoteles imposibles, monolitos modernos, jardines llenos de monstruos, llamas eternas saliendo de la tierra, habitaciones colgadas en las alturas, casas estrechas y, en general, monumentos al imperio de la imaginación. Acompáñanos, querido lector, por un paseo que celebra sitios donde la lógica ha caído, donde la funcionalidad ni se plantea, donde el juego, el ridículo y, a veces, la estupidez humana reina. Puede parecer mentira, puede sonar a cuento, pero no. Todo, todo, lo que leerás aquí es cierto, tan cierto como la biografía autorizada de muchos políticos. Porque este es un mundo extraño y a veces incomprensible, y queremos brindar por ello contigo. Como dijo el gran poeta Ciriano Plubio Nasón "Cuanto más veo, menos entiendo, pero mejor me lo paso". Sobre 21 Lugares Curiosos del Mundo, se ha dicho: "Lo más divertido que me has leído antes de ir a dormir"Descendiente de uno de los autores "Una soberana tontería, de verdad"Fístulo Bajón, Presidente de la Asociación de Tristes y Cenizos"Un libro indispensable"Máximo Acreedor de la editorial. Sobre los autores se cuenta que: Oriol Font i Bassa, descendiente de una larga estirpe de profesionales reconocidos en trabajos respetables, rompió la tradición, primero estudiando cine y después consagrando su vida a las letras y a las conversaciones de bar, lo que le llevará a una larga tortura en el lugar de castigo de alguna de las religiones que hay en el mundo (estadísticamente una u otra tendrá razón). En 2018 publicó su primera novela, Ovejas y Mierda (sí, no es un título de coña, existe), es periodista y director de contenidos de la web Albert Rubio i Costa nació pagano renacido en la cara oculta de la luna, pero al poco la familia se mudó a Santa Coloma de Gramanet, sin apenas notarlo. Estudió con los Jesuitas, se licenció en Filosofía y es Máster en Creación Literaria. Reside con su esposa, dos hijas, una chistera y un conejo blanco, en Vic. No tiene Twitter ni Facebook ni Instagram ni tatuajes visibles, podría estar sentado a tu lado en este mismo instante y no lo sabrías.

  • av Scott Teel

    What makes a fairy tale Irregular? Hansel & Gretel's parents refusing to allow the kids to be adopted by fairies because they disapprove of the fairy lifestyle. Rumplestiltskin teaching a young woman to keep her promises. A prince for Rapunzel who never mastered rope climbing in gym class. Tom Thumb's mother refusing to allow him to date the one girl his size because she's Protestant.Not fairy tales for children - although frequentlychildish - Irregular Fairy Tales are much more fun than atrip to the ball, and less expensive too, when you considerhow much interest Fairy Godmothers are charging thesedays.The Ithaca Times says..."The conversations between characters in these stories sometimes recall the deadpan absurdities of Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (in 'The 2,000-Year-Old Man' and all of their movies.)"..."Teel is at his best when he integrates sound, alabeit only tangentially relevant, logic into these tales in a breezy, off-hand style."... "In 'Hansel and Gretel' (and several other stories) (Teel) wraps up his story in fashion that is...the opposite of the traditional ending, which can be gratifying to those who find cheerfully clever children to be really obnoxious." --The Ithaca Times

  • - Volume I
    av Bryan Healey

    Come with me and explore my crazy brain, discovering my wild attempts at going back in time, cloning dinosaurs, starting private militaries, purchasing mountains, flying to Mars, making movies, selling videogames, and playing professional baseball. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you won't care about any of it. But read it anyway, because you'll hurt my feelings if you don't!

  • - Year 2
    av Benjamin Wallace
    333 - 334,-

    The world looks different a year after the dead rose from their graves. Survivors live in walled enclaves while the zombies roam freely in the wasteland. John, Chris and Erik have made their home in the enclave of Haven and earn their keep in town by scavenging for supplies outside the walls. These excursions bring them face-to-face with grubby urchins, deadly warlords and hordes of the undead. But not all threats lie beyond the walls. The dads are beginning to wonder if they can trust the people in charge. Things aren't looking good and the longer the end of the world drags on, the more danger they're sure to find themselves in.

  • - The Most Extensive Book for Funny Jokes on Any Topic
    av Vasil Vyagov

    The Black Book of JokesDo you enjoy hilarious jokes, comedy, and humor?This book contains a massive collection of anecdotes on any topic, including some of the funniest uncensored dirty jokes for adults and dark humor jokes. Who is this book for?This excellent book is in the right hands if you like reading funny jokes, telling funny jokes, or if you want to make a present for someone who loves humor and enjoys reading funny books. In addition, this will be an excellent choice if you want to make someone around you happier. Laughter is the best medicine... Why this book?We can guarantee that you will enjoy one of the best collections of awesome jokes on any topic you can think about.Here you can read some of the best Office, Black Humor, Sex, and Marriage humor, along with the funniest jokes about Animals, Blondes, Policemen, Doctors, Preachers, Teachers, Kids, Women, Men, Clowns, Gays, Doctors, Old People, White People, Black people, Green People, Yellow People, Aliens, Prisoners, Singers, Artists, Musicians, Bankers, Lawyers, Engineers, Plumbers, Secretaries, Lovers, Circus, Life and everything else.

  • - A Humorous History 0f American Football
    av Rick Braithwaite

    From high school games to trick plays, and Gatorade showers to the origins of the wave, they're all in this hilarious collection. Best of all, the history of the game, the slingshot goalposts, and end zone celebrations are all explained and gang tackled. It's a fun read for every player, coach and fan of the American pastime that we can only watch on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Sigh. The second book in the Sports Humor by Rick Braithwaite Series, Football Folderol features interesting and entertaining takes on the game that was uniquely created by Walter Camp, based loosely upon the game of rugby. His innovations are explained with humor and insight, providing a thoroughly enjoyable reading and learning experience. Braithwaite had dedicated Football Folderol to his grandson, who started playing when he was just eight years old, and is now on the college team that has won more National Championships than any other school. To find out which one, you'll have to read the book. As Mike Pereira, the Fox Sports Analyst, says, "I don't know how many times I laughed and then said, 'Wow. I didn't know that.' " Previous books by Braithwaite include Golf Gumbo: A Mishmash of Golf Facts and Fun, and The Dictionary of Soccer.

  • av Vic Ferrari

    Who said Catholic high school was going to be easy?In the early eighties, the Catholic archdiocese of New York boasted an armada of parochial schools across the New York City area. Struggling blue-collar families made tremendous sacrifices to provide a Catholic high school education for their children. In theory, smaller classrooms run by religious educators were a safer bet than the New York City Board of Education.But were they?Shorter hair, longer skirts, and corporal punishment meted out by biblical badasses made Catholic teens think twice about stepping out of line. Cutting school or a well-timed fart from the back of the classroom was often met with a good old-fashioned kick in the ass or a humiliating crack on the jaw.Author Vic Ferrari shares his colorful stories from his high school years growing up in the rough-and-tumble borough of the Bronx.Did you know that confessing one sin too many can lead to a foot chase through an empty church? How selling raffle tickets at a mob social club could earn you a trip to the emergency room? Why returning to the scene of a crime is never a good idea? How shopping for school clothes can lead to your first sexual encounter? Learn why a delusional lunatic with erectile dysfunction attempted to blow up a gas station and more.Vic Ferrari, author of NYPD: Law & Disorder, Grand Theft Auto, The NYPD's Flying Circus, NYPD: Through the Looking Glass, and Dickheads & Debauchery, is a retired New York City police detective and probably the funniest person you've never heard about. With no formal training or Harvard degree, Vic has managed to carve out a niche in the literary world.When he's not shamelessly promoting his books, Vic is a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated radio show Sterling on Sunday.

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