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Lokalhistorie består av fantastiske historier og kunnskap om Norge og en rekke andre land, som inneholder alt fra norske forbrytelser til lokale gater og smug som vi alle har besøkt. Det er vanligvis til utlandet folk reiser, men hvis du vil reise rundt i Norge og se noen av de skjulte opplevelsene vi har i landet vårt, for eksempel i Oslo, Bergen eller Trondheim, har vi en stor samling guider for det. Lokalhistorie er for deg som vil lære mer om skjønnheten i Norges landskap og dets historier. Her kan du finne inspirasjon til den gode middagspraten eller til den alltid så etterlengtede sommerturen.
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  • - A History of the United States
    av Jill (Harvard University) Lepore
    195 - 385,-

    In the most ambitious one-volume American history in decades, award-winning historian Jill Lepore offers a magisterial account of the origins and rise of a divided nation.

  • av Various

    The Anthology of Scottish Folk Tales is a captivating collection of stories hailing from the rich tapestry of Scottish folklore. Published in 2019 by The History Press Ltd, this anthology boasts a variety of tales penned by various authors, each contributing their unique voice and perspective. The book is a treasure trove of narratives, steeped in the traditions and culture of Scotland, making it a must-read for those interested in folklore and Scottish culture. The authors' collective storytelling prowess shines through in each tale, transporting readers to the enchanting highlands and beyond. From tales of mythical creatures to stories of brave warriors and ancient legends, this anthology covers a wide range of genres, ensuring there's something for everyone. The History Press Ltd, known for their commitment to preserving and sharing history, has done a remarkable job in bringing these tales to the modern reader. This book is not just a read, but an experience that takes you on a journey through Scotland's rich and vibrant folklore.

  • av Suzanne Rowland

    Includes eleven detailed projects, which form a capsule collection of clothing and accessories that might have been worn by an Edwardian governess, a woman travelling on an ocean liner, a campaigning suffragette, or a wife overseeing a busy household in a large country house.

  • av Reuel Golden

    Love New York? Of course you do. Now, celebrate all of the city's charisma, glamour, and grit in our blockbuster collection of New York photography, charting the history and many wonders of the Greatest City in the World. Nearly 600 pages feature the works of photographers like Margaret Bourke-White, Berenice Abbott, Ruth Orkin, Allen Ginsberg,...

  • av David Long

    From the world's oldest indoor loo to a theatre where spectators fill their pockets with poo, the definitive guide to the stranger side of Scotland shows there's a lot more to the place than tartan, haggis and tossing the caber. Inside you'll find: The world's longest man-made echo A city where aliens are welcome What the Royals really think of it Britain's weirdest wig The worst Scottish accents ever Our tallest hedge and oldest tree Loch monsters nastier than Nessie A road you can roll up Scots in Space Whether it's Ruthven or Ruthven? Britain's loneliest bus stop (and its loveliest) A school for spies The cost of burning witches An aeroplane made from seaweed . . . and why the Queen needs rubber glovesPraise for Bizarre London: 'In a market niche that's now as crowded as the 18:22 to Reading, Bizarre London pummels its bantamweight rivals with knockout clouts of trivia that even this weary correspondent hadn't encountered before.' The Londonist

  • - byens historier fortalt gjennom 53 kart
    av G.T. Steigan

    Opplev hovedstaden fra nye og fascinerende perspektiver gjennom 53 nytegnede kart.Underbygget av fotografier og innsiktsfulle tekster tar kartene deg med på en historisk og tematisk reise gjennom Oslo. Du blir kjent med begivenheter som har formet byen, samt berømte borgere og beryktede skikkelser som på ulike vis har satt sine avtrykk.Kartene definerer forskjellige kapitler i byens historie gjennom tusen år i vekst - fra det meste av byen lå under vann til stadige byutvidelser, sammenslutningen med Aker kommune og urbaniseringen av bystrøk helt inn i vårt tid. Du får innblikk i den industrielle utviklingen, skillet mellom øst og vest, byens rike natur- og kulturliv og åsteder for kunstnerisk, litterær og populærkulturell utfoldelse. Boken byr dessuten på mørkere sider ved hovedstaden, med kjente historiske rettersteder, merker etter krigen og myteomspunne mord fra de senere århundrer.G.T. Steigans fargerike fremstilling av Oslos mange fasetter vil glede alle dem som vil utforske byen nærmere - både gatelangs og fra godstolen.

  • - A New History of Indigenous Power
    av Pekka Hamalainen

    A magisterial history of the Lakota Indians and their profound role in shaping America's history

  • - Discovering the City's Past, Present, and Future Through Its Place-Names
    av Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

    "A casually wondrous experience; it made me feel like the city was unfolding beneath my feet.” —Jia Tolentino, author of Trick MirrorIn place-names lie stories. That’s the truth that animates this fascinating journey through the names of New York City’s streets and parks, boroughs and bridges, playgrounds and neighborhoods.Exploring the power of naming to shape experience and our sense of place, Joshua Jelly-Schapiro traces the ways in which native Lenape, Dutch settlers, British invaders, and successive waves of immigrants have left their marks on the city’s map. He excavates the roots of many names, from Brooklyn to Harlem, that have gained iconic meaning worldwide. He interviews the last living speakers of Lenape, visits the harbor’s forgotten islands, lingers on street corners named for ballplayers and saints, and meets linguists who study the estimated eight hundred languages now spoken in New York.As recent arrivals continue to find new ways to make New York’s neighborhoods their own, the names that stick to the city’s streets function not only as portals to explore the past but also as a means to reimagine what is possible now.

  • av The History Press

    Featuring a range of picturesque vistas, from freshwater lochs and wooded glens to majestic mountains, granite cities and medieval castles, each stunning scene is full of intriguing detail sure to fire the imagination and make you reach for yourcolouring pencils.

  • av The History Press

    The Cambridgeshire Colouring Book. Suitable for children.

  • av Simon Leyland

    From petticoat duels and lucky cats to the Stiffs Express, Lord Nelson's spare nose, the Piccadilly earthquake and the Great Beer Flood of 1814, this book takes you on a captivating, wildly entertaining tour of the city you think you know, unearthing the capital's secrets and commemorating its rich, colourful and unusual history.

  • av Daniel James Brown

    "Now a major motion picture directed by George Clooney"--Cover.

  • av Steven Conn

    "There's no such thing as rural America. Or, rather, as Steven Conn argues, "rural America" is a phrase that has been made to mean so many things that it doesn't mean anything. In fact, he maintains, rural America--so often characterized as in crisis or in danger of being left behind--has been shaped by the same major forces as the rest of the country since at least the end of the Civil War: militarization, industrialization, corporatization, and suburbanization. Conn calls for us to dispense with the fantasies and visions that are often imposed on rural America, in the hopes of more productively addressing the real challenges facing all of America"--

  • av Colin Salter

    A look at 100 inspiring novels that have left a significant mark on the world of literature and popular culture.

  • av Alex Jackson

  • av Pete Smith & A-Z Maps

  • av Amron Gravett & Christine Robinette

  • av Stuart Fisher

    Canals of Britain is the most comprehensive and absorbing survey of Britain's canal network ever published.It provides a fascinating insight into the linked up waterways as well as the isolated cuts and quiet waters which may not be fully navigable by larger craft. Infinitely varied, it passes picturesque open countryside, wild moorland, coastal harbours, historic industrial buildings, modern city centres, canalside public houses and abundant wildlife.Stuart Fisher looks at every aspect of the canals - their construction, rich history, stunning scenery, heritage, incredible engineering, impressive architecture and even their associated folklore, wildlife and art. Enticing photographs give a flavour of each place and places of interest close to the canals are included. Each canal is intricately mapped.For those who are keen to explore that little bit further, the book goes to points beyond which others usually turn back, with information on little-known parts of the system, offering a new insight into this country's unique, surprising and beautiful canal network. Attractive, inspiring and also a practical guide, The Canals of Britain has proved very popular with walkers, cyclists, narrowboaters, canoeists, kayakers and others wanting to get the most out of Britain's canals. This fourth edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the ever-changing landscape of Britain's canals, and includes many new colour photographs to help bring them to life.

  • av Ben Miles

    A photography book that is a vital accompaniment to the many fans of Hilary Mantel¿s bestselling Wolf Hall Trilogy

  • av Mike Haskins

    Explore 'Beatle Land' and the iconic sites associated with their fame, revealing why the city of Liverpool was crucial to their success.

  • - A Church and its People, 1872-2022
    av Christopher Kitching

    St Mary's is a vibrant London church on the northern edge of Primrose Hill. It is widely known for its fine liturgy and music in the Anglican tradition, its affirmation of women's ministry, and its pioneering youthwork and social outreach.

  • - Oslos naturhistorie gjennom to milliarder år
    av Henrik H. Svensen

    En fascinerende fortelling om byen som ble skapt av lava, is og mennesker. Oslos naturhistorie kan spores to milliarder år tilbake i tid. Landskapet i og omkring byen har i seg en hukommelse om skiftende klima, utryddede dyrearter og eksplosive vulkanutbrudd. I løpet av de siste tre millioner år har mer enn 40 istider herjet med landskapet, og vi ser fortsatt sporene etter den siste. Landet har steget gradvis over havnivå, øyer er blitt til fastland og fjorder til ferskvann. Siden menneskene først slo seg ned omkring Oslofjorden, har endringene vært enorme. Skogen ble ryddet og jorden dyrket, en utvikling som kulminerte med bydannelse, gruvedrift, industri, utbyggingen i Bjørvika. Endringene vi har påført jorden er så store at vi står på terskelen til en ny geologisk epoke, antropocen, eller menneskets tidsalder. I denne boka forteller den prisbelønte forskeren og forfatteren Henrik H. Svensen den spennende historien om Oslos geologiske utvikling. Vi kan lese om opprinnelsen til de vulkanske sprekkene under byen, den gamle havbunnen under Slottsparken, Nordmarkas magmahav og mye mer. Boka er rikt illustrert med kart og vakre foto og har forslag til geologiske turer.

  • - The Gibson Family of Scilly
    av Carl Douglas

  • - Discover More Than 100 Historic Lines
    av Julian Holland

    The essential guide to exploring Britain's last remaining historic lines, Britain's Heritage Railways is ideal for anyone planning or looking for a nostalgic railway trip. From bestselling railway author Julian Holland.

  • - Global Coffee Culture and Recipes

  • av David Robertson

    Norfolk's first purpose-written guidebook to the county's key archaeological sites and historic buildings

  • - A Childhood in 1920s Isle of Wight
    av Peter Stark Lansley
    197 - 221,-

  • - A Financial History of Edinburgh
    av Ray Perman

  • av Mairi Hedderwick

    Portrays the islands from Arran to Lewis in all their diversity, with swift and perceptive cameos of everyday life drawn with humor and affection alongside gorgeous landscapes which capture the magical beauty of the Hebrides.

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