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Gåter og spill

Den morsomste måten å lære på kan være å løse gåter. Det er en effektiv måte å stimulere hjernen på, samtidig som de er veldig underholdende. Det finnes mange typer gåter, og vi har alt fra morsomme gåter, gåter for barn, vitser og gåter for voksne. Gåter går vanligvis hånd i hånd med å spille spill, noe du også finner i vårt utvalg. Det handler om å bli underholdt og lære samtidig; det er den beste måten å lære noe nytt på. Du finner et bredt utvalg av gåter og spill her, og det er mange spill med spesifikke emner som fysiologi, farmakologi og patologi. Alt er skapt med den hensikt at du skal ha det gøy mens du lærer. Finn din neste bok for den koselige helgekvelden her.
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  • av Brian Lyles

    The LEGO Neighborhood Book is your guide to creating incredible LEGO buildings and cities.

  • av Egil Aslak Aursand Hagerup
    183 - 359,-

    Beredskapsboken alle husstander burde ha. Hvordan ville det føles å være innendørs i 72 timer, uten internett, strøm eller vann? For de fleste av oss kunne det fort blitt en ganske utrivelig seanse. Faktisk oppga hele to av tre nordmenn i fjor at de ikke hadde noen plan for et slikt scenario. Kanskje var det derfor Direktoratet for samfunnssikkerhet og beredskap (DSB) før jul sendte ut en brosjyre til alle husstander i landet. Der fikk vi beskjed om å skaffe oss 20 ting som skal ligge parat i tilfelle en krise rammer. Men hvordan oppbevarer du egentlig disse vanndunkene staten mener vi bør ha liggende? Og hvordan løser du toalettsituasjonen dersom vann og strøm forsvinner? Denne boken gir deg svaret og lærer deg hvordan du etablerer en enkel og god egenberedskap. Leser du den, vil 72 timer i en krisesituasjon kanskje ikke bli helt krise allikevel. Det kan til og med bli ganske koselig.

  • av Cheri Smith

    For twenty-five years, Magic Eye has fascinated children and adults alike worldwide with its amazing 3D images.

  • av Randall Munroe

    What If? 2 is the highly anticipated sequel from the acclaimed author, Randall Munroe. Published in 2023 by Hodder And Stoughton Ltd., this book continues to explore the intriguing and often hilarious outcomes of hypothetical scenarios. Munroe, renowned for his unique blend of humor and scientific insight, once again captivates readers with his imaginative inquiries into the world of 'what ifs'. This book, like its predecessor, belongs to a genre all its own, combining elements of science, humor, and sheer unpredictability. Readers will find themselves laughing, pondering, and marveling at the endless possibilities of the universe. What If? 2 confirms Munroe's status as a master of imaginative storytelling and reaffirms Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.'s commitment to publishing thought-provoking literature. This book is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good laugh while learning about the fascinating complexities of our world.

  • - With exclusive LEGO spaceman minifigure!
    av Gregory Farshtey

    Celebrate the epic journey of the LEGO® minifigure. Features an exclusive orange spaceman!Enter the world of minifigures with this fully updated edition. The first minifigure was created in 1978, and today the entire minifigure population could circle the globe more than five times! Starring more than 2,000 of the most popular and rarest minifigures from the LEGO® Minifigure Series and themes including LEGO® NINJAGO®, THE LEGO® MOVIE¿, LEGO® Star Wars¿, LEGO® City, LEGO® Harry Potter¿, and many more. From astronauts and vampires to Super Heroes and movie characters, feast your eyes on the most awesome minifigures of every decade!©2020 The LEGO Group.

  • av David Younger
    363 - 371,-

  • - Gift Edition
    av Sarah Knight
    148 - 225,-

    The word-of-mouth international bestseller about giving less f**ks and living your best life in the process

  • - Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem
    av Mike Hutchinson

    Shoot, ram, skid, and loot your way through the ruins of civilisation with Gaslands: Refuelled, the tabletop miniature wargame of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem. With all-new material including expanded and enhanced perks, sponsors, vehicle types, and weapons. Gaslands: Refuelled contains everything a budding wasteland warrior needs to build and customise their fleet of vehicles in this harsh post-apocalyptic future. With a host of options for scenarios, environmental effects, and campaigns, players can create their own anarchic futures.

  • - Your Questions Answered by the QI Elves
    av QI Elves
    145 - 195,-

  • av Kendra Norton

    The third book in the new and exciting Reverse Coloring Book series, where the book has the colors and you draw the lines, finding your creativity and mindful relaxation as you go. This book will focus on the shapes, colors, and inspirations that bring up mindfulness and meditation, including mandalas and nature images.

  • av Matt Parker

    Stand-up mathematician and star of Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Matt Parker presents Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension -- a riotous journey through the possibilities of numbers, with audience participation- Cut pizzas in new and fairer ways!- Fit a 2p coin through an impossibly small hole!- Make a perfect regular pentagon by knotting a piece of paper!- Tie your shoes faster than ever before, saving literally seconds of your life!- Use those extra seconds to contemplate the diminishing returns of an exclamation-point at the end of every bullet-point!- Make a working computer out of dominoes!Maths is a game. This book can be cut, drawn in, folded into shapes and will even take you to the fourth dimension. So join stand-up mathematician Matt Parker on a journey through narcissistic numbers, optimal dating algorithms, at least two different kinds of infinity and more.

  • av Squishmallows

    Get ready to dive into the squishy and adorable world with the 'Squishmallows Official Collectors' Guide'. This book is a must-have for any Squishmallows enthusiast. Authored by Squishmallows themselves, this guide is the ultimate source of information for all things Squishmallows. Published in 2022, this book is fresh off the press and ready to be devoured by fans. The genre of this book is a collector's guide, making it a unique addition to any bookshelf. It provides detailed information about every Squishmallow, their characteristics, and how to take care of them. The publishers, HarperCollins Publishers, one of the world's foremost publishing companies, have ensured that the book is of top-notch quality. The book is written in English, making it accessible to a wide audience. Don't miss out on this chance to become a Squishmallows expert!

  • - The official Star Wars knitting pattern book
    av Tanis Gray

    Introducing the first official Star Wars knitting book - a deluxe guide to creating over 25 Star Wars knits based on the iconic global franchise.

  • - With Exclusive Teen Wu Minifigure
    av Arie Kaplan

    LEGO NINJAGO Visual Dictionary New Edition is an incredible book authored by Arie Kaplan. Published in 2019 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd, this book belongs to a genre that will fascinate LEGO enthusiasts and Ninjago fans alike. The book takes you on a visual journey through the world of LEGO Ninjago, offering comprehensive and interesting details about the characters, vehicles, and locations. Arie Kaplan, with his unique storytelling style, has masterfully brought the LEGO Ninjago universe to life on the pages of this book. If you're a fan of LEGO and Ninjago, this book is a must-have for your collection. Published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd, known for their visually rich and informative books, LEGO NINJAGO Visual Dictionary New Edition is a testament to their commitment to quality publishing.

  • av Eric Saunders
    86 - 145,-

  • - Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City
    av Joseph A. (Author) McCullough

    This new edition of the multi-award-winning fantasy skirmish wargame offers improved rules based on years of player feedback, a revised spell list, new soldier types, and a host of brand-new scenarios. Choose a wizard from one of ten schools of magic, and select from a list of eighty spells. Hire a warband filled with soldiers, from lowly thugs and thieves to mighty knights and barbarians, then lead your men into the frozen ruins of the magic city of Frostgrave on the hunt for ancient treasures and the secrets of lost magic. Be warned -- it is a deadly place, filled with rival wizards, wandering monsters, animated constructs, and demonic entities. Do you dare enter the Frozen City one more time?

  • av Tom Simons

    TommyInnit Says...The Quote Book is an exciting collection penned by none other than Tom Simons. Published recently on the 13th of October, 2022, this book has quickly made its mark in the literary world. The genre of this book is hard to pin down, as it encapsulates a range of emotions and experiences that are universal yet uniquely presented. The book is a testament to Simons' wit and wisdom, as it captures his most memorable quotes in a beautifully designed package. Published by Quercus Publishing Plc, this book is a must-have for fans of Simons and those who appreciate thought-provoking quotes. With TommyInnit Says...The Quote Book, each page turn brings a new insight, a new laugh, or a new perspective. Grab your copy today and dive into the mind of Tom Simons.

  • av Hannah Gadsby
    175 - 285,-

    'There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.' Hannah Gadsby, NanetteHannah Gadsby's unique stand-up special Nanette was a viral success that left audiences captivated by her blistering honesty and her ability to create both tension and laughter in a single moment. But while her worldwide fame might have looked like an overnight sensation, her path from open mic to the global stage was hard-fought and anything but linear. Ten Steps to Nanette traces Gadsby's growth as a queer person from Tasmania - where homosexuality was illegal until 1997 - to her ever-evolving relationship with comedy, to her struggle with late-in-life diagnoses of autism and ADHD, and finally to the backbone of Nanette - the renouncement of self-deprecation, the rejection of misogyny and the moral significance of truth-telling. Equal parts harrowing and hilarious, Ten Steps to Nanette continues Gadsby's tradition of confounding expectations and norms, properly introducing us to one of the most explosive, formative voices of our time.

  • - The History Behind the Epic Fantasy
    av Liz Marsham

    Dive deep into the history of the world's most popular fantasy RPG livestream with the cast of Critical Role in this definitive guide featuring never-before-seen illustrations and photos.From its unassuming beginnings as a casual home game between friends to the role-playing phenomenon it is today, Critical Role has become the stuff of legend. These pages chronicle how a circle of friends who all happen to be talented voice actors built the most-watched tabletop role-playing livestream of all time.Discover dazzling new illustrations and richly written insights into the locations, characters, and adventures featured in the hundreds of episodes across Critical Role's two campaigns, Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein. Go behind the scenes with archival photos and exclusive interviews with Dungeon Master Matt Mercer and the entire Critical Role cast as they explore their characters' most triumphant moments and darkest hours. And celebrate the massive community of Critters who support and expand the show's world through a highlighted tour of the crafts, cosplay, and art they create every day.Featuring a foreword from the cast, lush illustrations, and the inside story you won't find anywhere else, this book is your indispensable guide to Critical Role.The adventure begins!

  • - Science Fiction Wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy
    av Joseph A. (Author) McCullough

    In a galaxy torn apart by the Last War, vast pirate fleets roam from system to system, robbing, extorting, and enslaving. Amidst this chaos, thousands of independent operators - smugglers, relic hunters, freedom fighters, and mercenaries - roam the dead stars in small ships, scratching out a living any way they can.In Stargrave, players take on the role of one of these independent operators, choosing from a range of backgrounds each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and associated powers. Next, players must hire a crew for their ship, recruiting a lieutenant with a unique skill-set and a handful of soldiers, mechanics, hackers, and other specialists. Some captains may even recruit strange alien lifeforms with abilities no humanoid could ever possess. Once the players' crews are assembled, they are ready to dive into a campaign. Over a series of games, their crews will have the chance to carry out a variety of missions - recovering lost technology, stealing data, freeing slaves, and fighting back against the pirate fleets. In time, as the crews gain experience, they will become more powerful and hire more talented specialists. The more they grow, however, the more likely it is that a pirate fleet will take note of their activities and come after them!

  • - 500+ customizable maps, tables and story hooks to create 5th edition adventures on demand
    av Jeff Ashworth

    In a game packed with infinite possibilities, what are GMs to do when their players choose what they have not prepared?As every GM knows, no matter how many story hooks, maps or NPCs you painstakingly create during session prep, your best-laid plans are often foiled by your players' whims, extreme skill check successes (or critical fails) or their playful refusal to stay on task. The Game Master's Book of Random Encounters provides an unbeatable solution. This massive tome is divided into location categories, each of which can stand alone as a small stop as part of a larger campaign. "Taverns, Inns, Shops & Guild Halls" section includes maps for 19 unique spaces, as well as multiple encounter tables designed to help GMs fill in the sights, sounds, smells and proprietors of a given location, allowing for each location in the book to be augmented and populated on the fly while still ensuring memorable moments for all players. Each map is presented at scale on grid, enabling GMs to determine exactly where all of the characters are in relation to one another and anyone (or anything) else in the space, critical information should any combat or other movement-based action occur.Perhaps more useful than its nearly 100 maps, the book's one-shot generator features all the story hooks necessary for GMs to use these maps as part of an interconnected and contained adventure. Featuring eight unique campaign drivers that lead players through several of the book's provided maps, the random tables associated with each stage in the adventure allow for nearly three million different outcomes.The book also includes a Random NPC Generator to help you create intriguing characters your players will love (or love to hate), as well as a Party Makeup Maker for establishing connections among your PCs so you can weave together a disparate group of adventurers with just a few dice rolls.Locations include taverns, temples, inns, animal/creature lairs, gatehouses, courts, ships, laboratories and more, with adventure hooks that run the gamut from frantic rooftop chases to deep cellar dungeon-crawls, with a total of 97 maps, more than 150 tables and millions of possible adventures. No matter where your players end up, they'll have someone or something to persuade or deceive, impress or destroy.

  • - More of Your Questions Answered by the QI Elves
    av QI Elves

    The perfect Christmas gift for the incurably curious. WITH AN INTRODUCTION FROM ZOE BALL'Funny and fascinating.' ZOE BALLEvery Wednesday, on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 2's most inquisitive listeners get to put their questions to the QI Elves.

  • - An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things
    av Josh Clark

    From the duo behind the massively successful and award-winning podcast Stuff You Should Know comes an unexpected look at things you thought you knew

  • av Holger Matthes

    A complete guide to building trains with LEGO for serious hobbyists!

  • av Hayley Morris

  • av Mike Doyle

    Mix hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks with dozens of artists, and what do you get? Beautiful LEGO, a compendium of LEGO artwork that showcases a stunning array of pieces ranging from incredibly lifelike replicas of everyday objects and famous monuments to imaginative renderings of spaceships, mansions, and mythical creatures.You’ll also meet the minds behind the art. Interviews with the artists take you inside the creative process that turns simple, plastic bricks into remarkable LEGO masterpieces.

  • av Jeremy Clarkson
    198 - 199,-

  • av Kyle Newman

    "Explore the cuisines of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse with 76 delectable new recipes from the authors of Heroes' Feast"--

  • av Jeremy Clarkson

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