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Vår samling av musikkbøker på denne siden handler riktignok om musikk. Men som mange andre ting, handler det ikke bare om å spille eller lytte til musikk. Det handler om å forstå musikken, hvordan de individuelle rytmene skapes og hva slags følelser de fremkaller. I tillegg har vi supplert med mange bøker om spesifikke spille- og sangteknikker som kan lære deg om spesifikke måter å synge og spille på. Vi har mange rock-, klassiske og popmusikere med biografier de selv har bidratt til å lage eller som har blitt skrevet etter at de gikk bort. Ta en titt nedenfor og bli inspirert neste gang du spiller.
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  • av Emma Warren

  • av Loren Glass

  • av John Darnielle

    Describes Master of Reality in the voice of a fifteen-year-old boy being held in an adolescent psychiatric centre in southern California in 1985.

  • av Jim Fusilli

    The album that Brian Wilson created in an attempt to outdo the Beatles' Rubber Soul album. Worshipped by music lovers for its harmonies it is also regarded as an early demonstration of how to use the recording studio as an instrument. Brian Wilson has recently been touring the album again, playing it to thousands of devoted fans.

  • av J. B. Arban

    Hailed the Trumpet Bible for over 150 years, this complete pedagogical method contains hundreds of exercises for brass instruments, beginning with basics and progressing to advanced compositions, including the author's famous arrangement of "The Carnival in Venice."Sharing the knowledge he acquired from many years of experience as a performer and teacher, Arban discusses every aspect of playing with emphasis on articulation, tonguing, slurs, tone, and range. He offers an appreciation of all the instrument's inherent difficulties as well as instructive points that touch upon all possible musical questions.Whether you are a beginner or an old master, this is an essential asset to trumpet, French horn, and cornet players.

  • av Douglas Wolk

    Focusing on one album rather than an artist's entire output, the books dispense with the standard biographical background that fans know already, and cut to the heart of the music on each album.

  • av Paul Harris

    Paul Harris's brilliant series of workbooks contains finger fitness exercises, scale and arpeggio studies, key pieces, simple improvisations and composition to help you play scales and arpeggios with real confidence.

  • av Patrick (University of New Haven Rivers & William (LaGuardia Community College Fulton

  • av John Perry

    In this remarkable and entertaining book, John Perry gets to the heart of Hendrix's unique talent, guiding the reader through each song on the album, writing about his live performances and talking to peers and contemporaries. Part of a new series of short books about critically acclaimed and much-loved albums of the last 40 years.

  • av Rolf (Freelance Writer Potts

  • av Eliot Wilder

    Talks about Josh Davis's (DJ Shadow) early years in California, the friends and mentors who helped him along the way, his relationship with Mo'Wax and James Lavelle, and the genesis and creation of his masterpiece, "Endtroducing" (released in 1996). This book includes several long conversations with him.

  • av Lillebjørn Nilsen

    En klassiker!De fleste som spiller gitar har på en eller annen måte vært i kontakt med denne boka. Lillebjørn Nilsen har skrevet en omfattende lærebok som spenner fra begynnerens første grep til moderne gitarteknikk. Instruktive tegninger viser hvordan grep og teknikker skal utføres. Folkemusikk, rythm & blues, rock, klassisk - velkjente melodier og sanger brukes som grunnlag for ulike former for ferdighetstrening.

  • av Andrew (Independent Scholar Barker

  • av R.J. (Writer Wheaton

    An album which distilled a genre from the musical, cultural, and social ether, Portishead's "Dummy" was such a complete artistic achievement that its ubiquitous successes threatened to exhaust its own potential. The author offers an impressionistic investigation of "Dummy" that imitates the cumulative structure of the album itself.

  • av Professor or Dr. Emily J. Lordi

    In January of 1979, the great soul artist Donny Hathaway fell fifteen stories from a window of Manhattan''s Essex House Hotel in an alleged suicide. He was 33 years old and everyone he worked with called him a genius. Best known for "A Song for You," "This Christmas," and classic duets with Roberta Flack, Hathaway was a composer, pianist, and singer committed to exploring "music in its totality." His velvet melisma and vibrant sincerity set him apart from other soul men of his era while influencing generations of singers and fans whose love affair with him continues to this day.The first nonfiction book about Hathaway, Donny Hathaway Live uses original interviews, archival material, musical analysis, cultural history, and poetry to tell the story of Hathaway''s life, from his beginnings as a gospel wonder child to his final years. But its focus is the brutally honest, daringly gorgeous music he created as he raced the clock of mental illness-especially in the performances captured on his 1972 album Donny Hathaway Live. That album testifies to Hathaway''s uncanny ability to amplify the power and beauty of his songs in the moment of live performance. By exploring that album, we see how he generated a spiritual experience for those present at his shows, and for those with the privilege to listen in now.

  • av Alan Warner

  • - A Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach
    av John Eliot Gardiner

    Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most unfathomable composers in the history of music. How can such sublime work have been produced by a man who (when we can discern his personality at all) seems so ordinary, so opaque - and occasionally so intemperate?John Eliot Gardiner grew up passing one of the only two authentic portraits of Bach every morning and evening on the stairs of his parents' house, where it hung for safety during the Second World War. He has been studying and performing Bach ever since, and is now regarded as one of the composer's greatest living interpreters. The fruits of this lifetime's immersion are distilled in this remarkable book, grounded in the most recent Bach scholarship but moving far beyond it, which explains in wonderful detail the ideas on which Bach drew, how he worked, how his music is constructed, how it achieves its effects - and what it can tell us about Bach the man.Gardiner's background as a historian has encouraged him to search for ways in which scholarship and performance can cooperate and fruitfully coalesce. This has entailed piecing together the few biographical shards, scrutinising the music, and watching for those instances when Bach's personality seems to penetrate the fabric of his notation. Gardiner's aim is 'to give the reader a sense of inhabiting the same experiences and sensations that Bach might have had in the act of music-making. This, I try to show, can help us arrive at a more human likeness discernible in the closely related processes of composing and performing his music.'It is very rare that such an accomplished performer of music should also be a considerable writer and thinker about it. John Eliot Gardiner takes us as deeply into Bach's works and mind as perhaps words can. The result is a unique book about one of the greatest of all creative artists.SIR JOHN ELIOT GARDINER is one of the world's leading conductors, not only of Baroque music but across the whole repertoire. He founded the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra, the Orchestre de l'Op ra de Lyon, the English Baroque Soloists, and the Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique. He has conducted most of the world's great orchestras and in many of the leading opera houses. He lives and farms in Dorset.

  • - Adventures in Record Collecting
    av Eilon Paz

  • av Christian Adofo

    A Quick Ting On : Afrobeats, the first book of its kind chronicles the social and cultural development of the music genre. Tracing its rich history from the African continent all the way to the musical centre of the Western world.

  • av Dan (Independent Scholar LeRoy

    Derided as one-hit wonders, estranged from their original producer and record label, and in self-imposed exile in Los Angeles, the Beastie Boys were written off by most observers before even beginning to record their second album. But, "Paul's Boutique" eventually transformed the Beasties from a fratboy novelty to hiphop giants.

  • av Jordan Ferguson

  • - The History of High-End Audio Design
    av Gideon Schwartz

    A beyond-cool look at the world of high-end audio design for passionate collectors, obsessive audiophiles, and design fans

  • - South African Women Thinking in Jazz
    av Carol Ann Muller & Sathima Bea Benjamin

    The life story of the outstanding jazz vocalist Sathima Bea Benjamin sheds light on South African jazz history, women in jazz, and American music as a transnational art form.

  • av Brittnay L. Proctor

  • av Matthew Gasteier

    Explores a key hip hop album marking the cross over point where the streets and the charts collided.

  • av Dwight E. Brooks

    Dwight E. Brooks deep dives into Earth, Wind & Fire's That's The Way of the World. Alongside interview material from members Phillip Bailey and Verdine White, he analyses how this album shattered musical barriers, transcended genres, and paid homage to African and American traditions.Understanding TTWOTW requires appreciating EWF founder Maurice White's multifaceted vision for his band. White created a band that performed various styles of music that sought to uplift humanity. His musicians personified a new form of Black masculinity rooted in dignity that embraced diverse spiritualities and healthy living. A complete understanding of TTWOTW also necessitates an awareness of American racial dynamics and changes in the popular music industry in the 1960s and '70s.EWF's landmark album TTWOTW presented hopeful messages about the world that were sorely needed at the time. TTWOTW did not tell listeners exactly how to live, but instead how they can live in a quest for self-actualization. The songs encourage us to yearn, learn, love, see, listen, and feel happy. If art can help mold a better future, than EWF's musical legacy of positivity and self-empowerment will continue to contribute to personal growth and social change even as their melodies linger.

  • av Shawn Taylor

    One of the finest hip-hop albums ever made, A Tribe Called Quest's debut record took the idea of the boasting hip-hop male and turned it on its head. This book explores the album's creation as well as the impact it had on the author at that time - a 17-year-old high-school geek who was into hip-hop, punk, skateboarding, and Dungeons & Dragons.

  • av Michael Diamond & Adam Horovitz

    Formed as a New York City hardcore band in 1981, Beastie Boys struck an unlikely path to global hip hop superstardom.

  • av Don Breithaupt

    "Aja" was the album that made Steely Dan a commercial force on the order of contemporaries like Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles and Chicago. A double-platinum, Grammy-winning bestseller, it lingered on the Billboard charts for more than a year and spawned three hit singles. This book paints a detailed picture of the making of a masterpiece.

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