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En ferdighet som aldri går ut på dato. Å kunne bake gir deg tilgang til mange kreative og smakfulle ideer, alt fra kaker i tusenvis av ulike former og smaker, til det populære surdeigsbrødet som har sine røtter i det gamle Egypt. Vår kategori om brød og kaker gir deg tilgang til mange forskjellige og inspirerende ideer til neste gang du vil bake. Ønsker du oppskrifter på et godt brød eller andre populære kaker? Sjekk ut vårt smakfulle utvalg på denne siden.
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  • av Chad Robertson & Elizabeth Prueitt

    This is a bread baker's handbook, with more than 50 recipes and over 200 step-by-step photographs, instructing how to make master baker Chad Robertson's legendary bread at home.

  • - The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier
    av Pierre Herme

  • - An Odyssey from Samarkand and Vilna to the Present Day
    av Claudia Roden

    'No-one will ever produce a richer, or more satisfying feast of the Jewish experience.' - Simon Schama 'One can't imagine a better food book than this, ever: for the reader and the cook.' - Nigella Lawson, Vogue 'THE BOOK OF JEWISH FOOD deserves its definitive article. It should stand as the book for many years... It is not likely to be surpassed.' - The Telegraph 'Manna from Heaven.' - Independent on Sunday

  • av Ina-Janine Johnsen

    Genialt brød og imponerende hjemmebakst.Ina-Janine Johnsen startet bloggen Mat på bordet i 2008. I dag er det en av de største matbloggene i Skandinavia. Etter å ha fått tips om eltefritt brød fra en artikkel i New York Times, begynte hun å eksperimentere med dette hjemme og skrive om det på bloggen. Ina har nå utviklet over 50 varianter av dette geniale brødet, og oppskrifter på eltefritt brød er en av de absolutt mest populære temaene på Inas blogg. Hun har også laget en video hvor hun viser hvordan man lager brødet, den har til nå blitt vist over 30 000 ganger på You Tube. Nå får du de aller beste variantene samlet i bokform. Her finnes alt fra fine landbrød og grove brød med frø, til søte brød med sjokolade og fristende brød fylt med ost.I tillegg baker Ina himmelske kaker og annen bakst. Inspirert av sin internasjonale bakgrunn (Ina har bodd i Tyskland, Canada, Sveits, USA, England og Norge), har hun funnet frem til en variasjon av kaker og bakst som er tilpasset den norske ganen. Her er oppskrifter på enkle og raske kaker, men også de som krever litt mer tid og teknikk. I denne boken får du hennes beste oppskrifter, gode råd om baking og ingredienser, og tips til hvordan du kan dekorere kakene dine.Les boken og la deg inspirere til å bake selv. Det er ikke vanskelig, og resultatet blir fantastisk!

  • av Claire Saffitz

  • - All my best 3-ingredient recipes and most-loved cakes and desserts
    av Eloise Head & Fitwaffle

    I've collected 100 of my most-loved and brand-new recipes to make baking so simple. Find fifty 3-ingredient recipes, including my crowd-pleasing Oreo Cake and delicious White Chocolate Fudge, plus all of your favourite 4- and 5-ingredient recipes including Speculoos Ice Cream and a cinnamon roll made in a mug!

  • av Martine Sletmoen

    Skillebekk surdeig er en inspirerende og nydelig illustrert bok om hvordan du med både tradisjonelle og enkle teknikker kan bake den deiligste surdeigsbakst. Her er oppskrifter på tradisjonelle brød, festbrød, småbrød, eltefrie brød, pizza, søtbakst og snacks av surdeig. I tillegg får du trinn-for-trinn-instruksjoner om hvordan du kan lage de mest fantastiske mønstre på baksten din, for i tillegg til sin enkle framgangsmåte, er det vakker dekor Skillebekk surdeig er spesielt kjent for. Her får du virkelig gode ideer til hvordan du kan lage individuelle og personlige brød.Martine Myhrum Sletmoen bor på Skillebekk i Oslo, hvor hun deler tips og triks til surdeigsbaking gjennom instagramkontoen Skillebekk surdeig. Hun får daglig meldinger fra hele landet fra folk som har forsøkt å komme i gang med surdeigsbaking, men ikke fått det helt til før de fulgte hennes enkle veiledning. Martine har egen serie på Matkanalen, Surdeigsskolen. Hun er utdannet maskiningeniør og jobber i forsvarsindustrien.

  • av Claire Saffitz

    A love letter to dessert by the New York Times bestselling author of Dessert Person.

  • - The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza [A Cookbook]
    av Ken Forkish

    From Portland''s most acclaimed and beloved baker comes this must-have baking guide, featuring recipes for world-class breads and pizzas and a variety of schedules suited for the home baker.There are few things more satisfying than biting into a freshly made, crispy-on-the-outside, soft-and-supple-on-the-inside slice of perfectly baked bread. For Portland-based baker Ken Forkish, well-made bread is more than just a pleasure—it is a passion that has led him to create some of the best and most critically lauded breads and pizzas in the country. In Flour Water Salt Yeast, Forkish translates his obsessively honed craft into scores of recipes for rustic boules and Neapolitan-style pizzas, all suited for the home baker. Forkish developed and tested all of the recipes in his home oven, and his impeccable formulas and clear instructions result in top-quality artisan breads and pizzas that stand up against those sold in the best bakeries anywhere. Whether you’re a total beginner or a serious baker, Flour Water Salt Yeast has a recipe that suits your skill level and time constraints: Start with a straight dough and have fresh bread ready by supper time, or explore pre-ferments with a bread that uses biga or poolish. If you’re ready to take your baking to the next level, follow Forkish’s step-by-step guide to making a levain starter with only flour and water, and be amazed by the delicious complexity of your naturally leavened bread. Pizza lovers can experiment with a variety of doughs and sauces to create the perfect pie using either a pizza stone or a cast-iron skillet. Flour Water Salt Yeast is more than just a collection of recipes for amazing bread and pizza—it offers a complete baking education, with a thorough yet accessible explanation of the tools and techniques that set artisan bread apart. Featuring a tutorial on baker’s percentages, advice for manipulating ingredients ratios to create custom doughs, tips for adapting bread baking schedules to fit your day-to-day life, and an entire chapter that demystifies the levain-making process, Flour Water Salt Yeast is an indispensable resource for bakers who want to make their daily bread exceptional bread.

  • av Chad Robertson & Elisabeth M. Prueitt

    In this new book, the owners of Tartine Bakery share not only their fabulous, easy-to-make recipes, but also the secrets and expertise that can transform a delicious homemade treat into a spectacular baked creation. 64 color & b/w photos.

  • - The ground-breaking guide to making gut-friendly bread
    av Vanessa Kimbell

    Achieve the delicious crust and addictive tang of a homemade sourdough loaf with this comprehensive guide from expert Vanessa Kimbell.

  • av Mary Berry
    294 - 339,-

    The definitive baking collection from the undisputed queen of cakesThis stunning cookbook brings together all of Mary Berry's most mouth-watering baking recipes in a beautifully packaged edition. Filled with 250 foolproof recipes, from the classic Victoria Sponge, Very Best Chocolate Cake and Hazelnut Meringue Cake to tempting muffins, scones and bread and butter pudding, this is the most comprehensive baking cookbook you'll ever need. Mary's easy-to-follow instructions and handy tips make it ideal for kitchen novices and more experienced cooks alike, and full-colour photographs and beautiful illustrations will guide you smoothly to baking success. Drawing on her years of experience to create recipes for cakes, breads and desserts, Mary Berry's Baking Bible will prove to be a timeless classic.

  • av Ann Reardon

    How to Cook That Dessert Cookbook: Pastries, Cakes and Sweet CreationsHow to Cook Thatis the most popular Australian cooking channel in all the world, and its not hard to see why. PopSugarEditors' pick: Best Cookbooks, Food & Wine#1 Best Seller in Chocolate Baking, Confectionary Desserts, Pastry Baking, Garnishing Meals, Holiday Cooking, Main Courses & Side Dishes, Cookies, Cooking by Ingredient, and Pie BakingOffering a fun-filled step-by-step dessert cookbook, Ann Reardon teaches you how to create delicious and impressive pastries, cakes and sweet creations.Join food scientist Ann Reardon, host of the award-winning YouTube seriesHow to Cook That, as she exploresCrazy Sweet Creations.An accomplished pastry chef, Reardon draws millions of baking fans together each week, eager to learn the secrets of her extravagant cakes, chocolates, and eye-popping desserts. Her warmth and sense of fun in the kitchen shines through on every page as she reveals the science behind recreating your own culinary masterpieces.For home cooks and fans who love their desserts, cakes, and ice creams to look amazing and taste even better.Take your culinary creations to influencer status.Youll also:Learn to make treats that get the whole family cookingCreate baked goods that tap into beloved pop culture trendsImpress guests with beautiful dessertsReaders of dessert cookbooks likeDessert Person,Zo Bakes Cakes, or100 Cookies will loveHow to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations.

  • av Yotam Ottolenghi & Helen Goh

    Features recipes containing fresh, evocative ingredients, exotic spices and complex flavourings - including fig, rose petal, saffron, aniseed, orange blossom, pistachio and cardamom - to indulgent cakes, biscuits, tarts, puddings, cheesecakes and ice cream. This book also includes mini-cakes and cookies that parents can make with their children.

  • - Includes all the delicious recipes from the BBC2 TV series
    av Nadiya Hussain

  • av Joanna Farrow

    Readers can bake their way through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Packed with 45 recipes and gorgeous, eye-catching photography, this baking cookbook inspired by the films is a must-have for every Harry Potter fan.

  • - Master Recipes and Techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts
    av Ecole Ferrandi

    Ferrandi, the French School of Culinary Arts in Paris—dubbed “the Harvard of gastronomy” by Le Monde newspaper­—is the ultimate pastry-making reference. From flaky croissants to paper-thin mille-feuille, and from the chestnut cream–filled Paris-Brest to festive yule logs, this comprehensive book leads aspiring pastry chefs through every step—from basic techniques to Michelin-level desserts. Featuring advice on how to equip your kitchen, and the essential doughs, fillings, and decorations, the book covers everything from quick desserts to holiday specialties and from ice creams and sorbets to chocolates. Ferrandi, an internationally renowned professional culinary school, offers an intensive course in the art of French pastry making. Written by the school’s experienced teaching team of master pâtissiers and adapted for the home chef, this fully illustrated cookbook provides all of the fundamental techniques and recipes that form the building blocks of the illustrious French dessert tradition, explained step by step in text and images. Practical information is presented in tables, diagrams, and sidebars for handy reference. Easy-to-follow recipes are graded for level of difficulty, allowing readers to develop their skills over time. Whether you are an amateur home chef or an experienced pâtissier, this patisserie bible provides everything you need to master French pastry making.

  • av David Chang & Christina Tosi

  • av Magnus Nilsson

    The acclaimed chef featured in the Emmy-Award winning US PBS series The Mind of a Chef and the Netflix docuseries Chef's Table explores the rich baking tradition of the Nordic region, with 450 tempting recipes for home bakers

  • av Paul Hollywood

    To tie in with the primetime six-part BBC2 television series.

  • av Nathan Myhrvold
    5 579,-

  • - The Original Bestseller
    av Paul Hollywood

    In this new edition of the original bestseller, Paul Hollywood presents all the know-how you need to bake delicious and unusual breads

  • av Katarina Cermelj

  • - 80 achievable and show-stopping pies and sides for pie lovers everywhere
    av Calum Franklin

    The definitive pie bible from Calum Franklin."[Franklin] deals out fantasies crafted in flaky dough, egg-washed to the hilt, and filled with godly foodstuffs like potato dauphinois and caramelized onion or smoked haddock and sweet corn chowder. There is only one Pie Room, and it is here in all its steampiped and marbled glory." --ThrillistDiscover the definitive pie bible from self-confessed pastry deviant, chef and LondonΓÇÖs King of Pies, Calum Franklin.Calum knows good pies and in his debut cookbook, The Pie Room, he presents a treasure trove of recipes for some of his favourite ever pastry dishes. Want to learn how to create the ultimate sausage roll? Ever wished to master the humble chicken and mushroom pie? In this collection of recipes discover the secrets to 80 delicious and achievable pies and sides, both sweet and savoury, veggie and meat, including hot pork pies, cheesy dauphinoise and caramelised onion pie, hot and sour curried cod pie, the ultimate beef Wellington and rhubarb and custard tarts.Alongside the recipes Calum guides you through the techniques and tools for perfecting your pastry. Within these pages you''ll find details including how to properly line pie tins, or how to crimp your pastry and decorate your pies so they look like true show-stoppers.Say hello to your new foodie obsession and get ready to create your very own pie masterpiece.

  • av Christina Tosi

  • - Simple recipes to master and mix
    av Dominique Ansel

    Acclaimed pastry chef Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut, shares his "building blocks" of baking for home cooks to master and mix as they please.

  • - From the author of The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook
    av Rosanna Pansino

    The second cookbook from Rosanna Pansino, creator of YouTube's most popular baking show, featuring more than eighty quirky and colourful themed recipes for every occasion: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and many more.

  • av Pierre Herme

    Pierre Herme is universally acknowledged as the king of French pastry with shops in Tokyo, Paris and London. He is the best, and has even been described as a couturier of pastry. This is a man at the top of his art and there is no question his macarons are in a league of its own.

  • av Paul Hollywood

  • av Jerry Greenfield & Ben R. Cohen

    Tells the story of Ben & Jerry's ice cream company, and shares recipes for chocolate, fruit, and other flavors of ice cream, sorbets, sundaes, and sauces.

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