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  • - The hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the greatest race the world has never seen
    av Christopher McDougall
    157 - 163,-

    Focuses on the Tarahumara, a mysterious tribe of Mexican Indians, who live quietly in canyons and are reputed to be the best distance runners in the world. This title tells their story while asking what the secrets are to being an incredible runner.


  • - The Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance
    av Christopher McDougall

    From the man who brought you Born to Run: a radical new approach to fitness

  • - The Donkey Who Survived Against All Odds and Raced Like a Champion
    av Christopher McDougall

  • av Christopher McDougall & Eric Orton

    From the best-selling author and renowned coach duo from Born to Run, a fully illustrated, practical guide to running for everyone from amateurs to seasoned runners, about how to eat, race, and train like the world''s bestWhether you''re ramping up for a race or recuperating from an injury, Born to Run 2 is a holistic program for runners of every stripe that centers on seven key themes: food, fitness, form, footwear, focus, fun, and family.   The guide contains: On-the run recipes for race-ready nutrition Training regimen to help get you in shape and achieve your running goals Corrective drills to perfect your form Helpful shoe recommendations Advice about how to bring more joy into running Suggestions for finding a running community  Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton bring all the elements together into an integrated action plan—the 90-Day Run Free training schedule—that provides everything you need to prepare for a mile-long fun run or a 100-mile ultramarathon. Full of helpful illustrations and full-color photos of the iconic first Copper Canyons race, Born to Run 2 is the perfect training companion for anyone who wants to get inspired about the sport again and learn the proven techniques to run smoother, lighter, and swifter. 

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