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  • - 1967-1973 (Apollo 4 to Apollo 17 & Skylab)
    av David Woods

    Few launch vehicles are as iconic and distinctive as NASA's behemoth rocket, the Saturn V, and none left such a lasting impression on those who watched it ascend.

  • - An insight into NASA's Gemini spacecraft, the precursor to Apollo and the key to the Moon
    av David Woods

    An insight into NASA's Gemini spacecraft, the precursor to Apollo and the key to the Moon NASA's Gemini space flight programme followed on from the pioneering Mercury missions which put the first US astronauts into space.

  • av David Woods
    250 - 495,-

    A London journalist follows royalty in his travels, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic, commenting on American commerce and industry, manners, and providing social anecdotes.

  • av David Woods

    In this fascinating memoir, Woods traces his 60-year odyssey in journalism, a career that included witnessing the bomb-shattered wartime devastation in Britain during which he placed a saucepan on his head to escape bomb damage, and the aftermath of much of the obliteration of German cities in World War II. Poet Robert Frost described the road not taken as one of good and bad choices that have a lasting bearing on one's future life and career. Woods shares about his choices and historical surroundings, and the literary and other characters he has encountered along the way. He also tells the harrowing story of the illness and death of his 19-year-old son.Woods writes with a journalist's perceptive ear and eye and always with a crusading sense of protecting good English from such potentially dangerous excrescences as dangling participles and abstract nouns. He not only has a passion for language but also for extracting the maximum in musings from the many interview subjects he has met. The Road Not Taken is a captivating account of Woods' incredible life and career.

  • av David Woods & Woods David Woods

  • av David Woods & Susan Orlik
    723 - 2 341,-

    The aim of school inspection is to identify strengths and weaknesses in order that schools may improve educational quality and raise standards. This text examines the role of school inspectors and advises teachers and heads on methodologies for internal review and improvement.

  • av David Woods & Tim Brighouse
    649 - 2 062,-

    This book takes a practical look at how standards in education can be raised. It cuts through jargon and shows how ideas and intentions can be translated into effective action that will help a school.

  • - A collection of commentaries and quotations to promote school improvement
    av David Woods & Tim Brighouse

    Politicians, priests, generals, football managers, and teachers have all long known the value of a good quotation or a stirring comment that really gets people motivated. This is a book of quotations and commentaries that allow educators to motivate those around them.

  • - Breakfast bars- Cookie bars- Dessert bars- Energy bars- Health bars- Snack bars- Veggie bars
    av David Woods

  • av David Woods

  • av David Woods

    First play in a trilogy tackling mental health issues from two successful playwrights. A formally inventive play from critically acclaimed theatre company.

  • - Principles and Practice
    av David Woods

    This is not a book about the school system as a whole or how governments can help or hinder school improvement. It is a book about supporting and inspiring leaders and teachers to help schools achieve ever greater success. By combining their extensive experience and knowledge of leading and improving schools, Tim Brighouse and David Woods deliver an authoritative and up-to-date overview of the principles of school improvement detailing the wide range of information, ideas and practices schools need to understand in order to be the best they possibly can. This comprehensive, dip-in A-Z guide introduces the characteristics, approaches and language of school improvement in 138 eclectic and engaging entries, including appreciative enquiry, literacy and student voice. The authors' unending supply of real school stories and experiences are the basis for the quotations, case studies and 'butterflies' (little ideas with big impact) that illustrate the entries and bring them to life. The A-Z of School Improvement is essential reading for any school leader, teacher or governor serious about improving their school, or indeed any parent eager to understand the ways in which their children's schools can be improved.

  • av Richard Cook, Professor Sidney Dekker, David D. Woods, m.fl.
    646 - 2 074,-

    Human error is cited over and over as a cause of incidents and accidents. This book takes you behind the human error label. It begins by summarising the most significant research results. It explores how a changing understanding of accidents and an embracing of systems thinking has radically impacted ideas about human error.

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