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  • av Kingsley Peter Kingsley
    261 - 520,-

    Peter Kingsley is famous as both a historian and a teller of the future long before it appears. Exquisitely written, his Book of Life is a wide open door into the timeless magic and unfathomable mystery we have managed to forget.

  • av Peter Kingsley

  • av Peter Kingsley
    465 - 852,-

  • - Bedtime Stories for Brave Children
    av Peter Kingsley

    Rupert the Fearless is the greatest Knight to ever fight a Dragon. Or a Wizard. Or a hive of Western Mountain Trolls. Along with his trusty horse and his magical sword, Sir Rupert can brave the most dangerous villains and defeat the most majestic Dragons that the world has ever seen! All before bedtime.

  • - Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World
    av Peter Kingsley

    Revealing a forgotten truth in the present day, this account illuminates the crumbling political and economic structures of the West, shedding light on an ongoing and arduous search for a sense of purpose. Recounting a true story, this exploration tells of a wandering Mongol shaman who made a dramatic appearance around the Mediterranean centuries before the time of Christ. Highlighting how this nomad came as an envoy on a mission of purification, this study records how he met with a man who became tremendously influential in Western science, philosophy, culture, and religion: Pythagoras. The essence of Western civilization is said to have originated from this meeting and this examination argues that today's conflicts and tensions have stemmed from taking this monumental occasion for granted, forgetting that there must be a greater meaning to life than everyday efforts and struggles. Reflecting on a time when Eastern and Western cultures were one, this evocation contends that there is still a common spiritual heritage to all civilizations. A unique collaboration between the author and archaeologists, historians, and shamans from around the world, this document has the potential to change the future for all.

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