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  • - The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic
    av J. Kent Layton, Tad Fitch & Bill Wormstedt
    314 - 531,-

    On the night of 14/15 April 1912, a brandnew, supposedly unsinkable ship, the largest and most luxurious vessel in the world at the time, collided with an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage. Of the 2,208 people on board, only 712 were saved. The rest either drowned or froze to death in the icy-cold waters of the North Atlantic. How could this 'unsinkable' vessel sink and why did so few of those aboard survive?The authors bring the tragedy to life, telling the story of the ship's design, construction and maiden voyage. The stories of individuals who sailed on her, many previously known only as names on yellowing passenger and crew lists, are brought to light using rarely-seen accounts of the sinking. The stories of passengers of all classes and crewmembers alike, are explored. They tell the dramatic stories of lives lost and people saved, of the rescue ship Carpathia, and of the aftermath of the sinking. Never again would a large passenger liner sail without lifeboats for all. Despite the tragedy, the sinking of the Titanic indirectly led to untold numbers of lives being saved due to new regulations that came into force after the tragedy. Profusely illustrated, including many rare and unique views of the ship and those who sailed on her, this is as accurate and engrossing a telling of the life of the White Star Line's Titanic and her sinking as you will read anywhere. Made special by the use of so many rare survivor accounts from the eye witnesses to that night to remember, the narrative places the reader in the middle of the maiden voyage, and brings the tragic sinking to life as never before.

  • - The First Generation
    av Clive Branson

    Fully illustrated, this book focuses on the First Generation (1964-1973) and the evolution of the Ford Mustang.

  • av Dilip Sarkar

    How to fly the legendary fighter plane in combat using the manuals and instructions supplied by the RAF during the Second World War. An amazing array of leaflets, books and manuals were issued by the War Office during the Second World War to aid pilots in flying the Supermarine Spitfire, here for the first time and using the original 1940s setting, they are collated into a single book. An introduction is supplied by expert aviation historian Dilip Sarkar. Other sections include aircraft recognition, how to act as an RAF officer, bailing out etc.

  • av Matt MacNabb

    Matt MacNabb explores one of the most beloved and collectible franchises of all time.

  • av Peter Rakestrow

    The story of the ultimate Honda power cruiser.

  • - A History of the Northmen
    av W. B. Bartlett
    195 - 345,-

    A comprehensive new history of the infamous Vikings. Those men and women raided and traded their way into history whilst at the same time helping to build new nations in Scandinavia and beyond.

  • - How the Wehrmacht Lost France
    av Jonathan Trigg

    'We weren't afraid of the Allies as soldiers, but we were afraid of their materiel - it was going to be men versus machines.'

  • av Mick Overton

    Corgi Toys - 'the ones with windows' were the toy cars to have in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. This is the ideal introduction to these toy vehicles, made in Swansea until 1983.

  • av Jonathan Whitlam

    The complete story of one of the most famous tractor brands and inventor of the modern tractor - Ford Tractors.

  • av Nigel Fryatt

  • av Jonathan Mountfort

    Jon Mountfort explores the iconic British toy, and offers hints and tips that will delight current and prospective collectors, as well as the general Scalextric enthusiast.

  • av Jonathan Whitlam

    David Brown was one of Britain's most innovative tractor manufacturers

  • av Jonathan Whitlam

    A unique insight into the development of one of the world's most famous tractor marques

  • av Jonathan Whitlam

    The inside story of Leyland Tractors both past and present

  • av Rod Ker

    In the 1960s, Japanese motorcycle manufacturers were eating into the markets in Europe and the United States with genuinely new designs and modern technology. In 1968, Honda dropped its four-cylinder bombshell in the form of the CB750, complete with electric starter, five-speed gearbox and front disc brake. More than that, it offered speed, convenience, reliability and oiltightness, features that were normally mutually exclusive. The first 'superbike' had arrived. In this book, Rod Ker tells the story of the Honda CB750 and its development during the 1970s. The author also covers the Four's subsequent rebirth as a classic, its present iconic status and includes buying advice for the twenty-first century.

  • av David Hemmings

    Launched in 1977, the V8 front-engine Porsche 928 Grand Tourer received widespread praise as an engineering masterpiece and won the European Car of the Year award in 1978. The Porsche 928 was so advanced that it continued in production, but with increased engine power, for eighteen years until 1995. Porsche 928 includes a detailed history of the 928 with updates on each model, including the little-known Special Editions, always beloved by the factory in Stuttgart. The book includes details of all European, USA and Canada models and the 928's technical developments, and also looks at the highly refined V8 engine and the subtle body changes. The book also provides information on servicing and parts - useful for those who are considering buying what the factory now calls a Classic 928. Lavishly illustrated with full colour photography, including original Stuttgart photos from Porsche, this is the essential book on the Porsche 928.

  • av Trevor Grahamslaw

    This is a fascinating and diverse collection of images from the author's extensive photographic archive recalling Wigton's rich heritage both past and present. You will be taken on a journey through the market town of Wigton nestled on the fertile agricultural soil of the Solway Plain, see how the town looked 100 years ago and compare the town today. Many of the images are quite recent and will evoke powerful memories of yesteryear, while others will provide the younger generations among us with a link, not only to the past, but also to the vibrant spirit and sense of pride which has permeated Wigton through the years and continues to drive the 'Throstle's Nest of All England' into the future.

  • - Different is Everything
    av Malcolm Bobbitt

    Illustrated with a unique collection of high quality photographs and written by an authority on Citroen cars, this concise book tells you all you need to know about the famous 2CV.

  • - The Brilliant Life of Claude Shannon, Inventor of the Information Age
    av Rob Goodman & Jimmy Soni

    A prize-winning biography of one of the foremost intellects of the twentieth century: Claude Shannon, the neglected architect of the Information Age.

  • - The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Rulers and Their World: A 600-Year History
    av Jem Duducu
    165 - 234,-

    A history of 600 years - an epic story of a dynasty that started as a small group of cavalry mercenaries to become the absolute rulers of the greatest and longest lasting Islamic empire in history.

  • av Daniel K. Longman

    This fascinating collection of photographs and stories traces the ways in which The Beatles' home town has changed over the past 50 years.

  • - Classic Four-Cylinder Bikes
    av Peter Rakestrow

    In the 1970s, Honda broke the mould again by creating a series of motorcycles that would rule the road for over forty years: the Gold Wing, Honda's premier touring motorcycle. From its super-smooth horizontally opposed engine to its faux tank and low centre of gravity, the Honda Gold Wing is a machine that combines reliability, comfort and style; it can take you hundreds of miles in one day. Through the 1980s and into the twenty-first century, the Gold Wing dominated the touring segment of motorcycling, originally being built for the American market and later being manufactured there. In this book, Peter Rakestrow tells the story of the Honda Gold Wing from the original engineering concept through to 1987, when Honda built the last four-cylinder Gold Wing. Covering detailed changes through the years, this book will appeal to buyers, restorers and collectors alike.

  • - A History and Collector's Guide
    av Richard Hollingdale

    At its height in the late twentieth-century, the Soviet Armed Forces boasted one of the world's largest armies. Yet, in the twenty-five years that have passed since the fall of the Soviet Union, much of its material culture has fast disappeared. Soviet Military Badges: A History and Collector's Guide, therefore, offers the reader a timely tour of a little-known subject within the English language. In its pages are detailed the badges awarded to the officers and men of the Soviet Army, Navy, Air Force and Frontier Guards found during the Cold War era. Captured in full colour and accompanied by a wealth of archive photographs, this book examines such categories as sports badges, proficiency clasps, and awards for excellence from the start of the Cold War in 1949 through to the end of the USSR in 1991. Each section is observed in detail using the obverse and reverse views in order to identify and date each badge, in addition to charting the changes in design and manufacture encountered over time (often helping the reader identify the rarer and more valuable examples). Richard Hollingdale is a writer and academic historian specialising in the armies of the Eastern Bloc. He is a frequent contributor to The Armourer Magazine and has written numerous articles on the Soviet military and other Warsaw Pact nations. His earlier publication, Warsaw Pact Badges, offered the first detailed study of Eastern Bloc badges in the English language. Soviet Military Badges follows this tradition by presenting the reader with a detailed catalogue of Soviet badges that can be used as both a history and a collector's guide.

  • - My Life as a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot
    av Gordon Olive
    175 - 235,-

    Pitched into the maelstrom of air fighting in the summer of 1940, twenty-four-year-old Gordon Olive barely lived to tell this extraordinary tale of courage and endurance. As Britain fought alone for its survival, 'the Few' of RAF Fighter Command took to the air grievously outnumbered, many reaching breaking point, exhausted physically and mentally by unreleting, intense combat. Gordon Olive flew the iconic Spitfire for over 125 missions above London and the south-east in the white heat of the aerial battle for supremacy of the skies. One of the most heavily engaged pilots of the Battle, he shot down ten enemy aircraft. This is his story of what it was like to dogfight with Messerschmitts at speeds of 400 mph, experiencing G forces close to blackout, at one moment to be drenched in sweat with exertion, the next to be freezing at 25,000 feet, to smell the cordite of your own fighter's machine guns and feel cannon shells explode against the back of your armoured seat. Illustrated in colour with forty unique paintings of the aerial battle of summer 1940 by the author.

  • - The Definitive Casebook
    av Richard Whittington-Egan
    188 - 278,-

    The case of Jack the Ripper and his savage serial killing and horrendous mutilation of five women in the East End of Victorian London is the greatest of all unsolved murder mysteries. For over 100 years the long line of candidates for the bloodstained laurels of Jack the Ripper has been paraded before us. Policemen and Ripperologists have tried in vain to put a name to the faceless silent killer. Richard Whittington-Egan, one of the founding fathers of the search, published, in 1975, his Casebook on Jack the Ripper, now eagerly sought after but long out of print and virtually unobtainable (except at mammoth prices), in which he documented the history, the crimes, the investigations and the investigators. He also included some fundamentally new discoveries and points, such as the real story of the kidney in Mr Lusk's renal post-bag, wrongly said to be that of Catherine Eddowes (Ripper Victim No. 4). The endless nightmare of Jack the Ripper has rolled on, unstoppable, and now Richard Whittington-Egan, in a completely revised and very considerably enlarged edition of the 1975 Casebook, has taken a new look, from a longer perspective, at the theories and the personages who advanced them, from the time of the murders right up to the present day.

  • - The Extraordinary Life of Douglas Bader, Battle of Britain Hero
    av Dilip Sarkar

    The truth & the myths about the legless Battle of Britain fighter ace

  • av Peter Barker

    From its launch on 20 September 1961 the Mini Cooper caused a sensation. The world's first sports saloon, the diminutive Cooper combined the glamour and racing heritage of 1959 and 1960 Formula 1 champions the Cooper Car Company with the outstanding handling and downright practicability of the Austin Mini Seven and Morris Mini Minor. Alec Issigonis's little people's car had been launched by the manufacturer, the British Motor Corporation (BMC), two years earlier. A winner almost from the word go, the Mini Cooper not only ruled the racetracks and rally stages of the early and mid-1960s but proved to be a practical and fun sporting family saloon car. After over 100,000 examples were sold between 1961 and 1971, the Mini Cooper is still a practical sporting saloon in the guise of the BMW-owned MINI Cooper sixty years after the introduction of the original model. This remarkable product of the United Kingdom merits a fresh examination as it nears its sixtieth birthday. Based upon over fifty face-to-face interviews carried out by the author over more than a decade, this book quotes the Mini Cooper's designers, developers, and professional race and rally drivers plus a host of contemporary owners.

  • av James Taylor

  • av Mark Amies

    A fascinating insight, derived from a regular feature on the Robert Elms show, into some of the forgotten industries of London, lavishly illustrated throughout.

  • av Jonathan Whitlam

    The illustrated story of one of the world's most famous tractor brands - the International Harvester Tractors.

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