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  • av Phoebe Waller-Bridge

    Celebrate the incredible journey of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's outrageously funny, blazingly forthright Fleabag, from fringe theatre hit to international cultural phenomenon, in this special edition - featuring the original playscript, never-before-seen colour photos, and exclusive bonus content.


    A Little Life is a captivating novel that draws readers into a deeply moving narrative. The book is written by a renowned author and was published by Nick Hern Books on May 11, 2023. This book belongs to a genre that masterfully blends elements of drama and emotion, making it a must-read for anyone seeking a profound literary experience. A Little Life is more than just a book; it's a journey that takes you through a spectrum of emotions. The author's storytelling prowess is evident in the way they weave the narrative, making it a compelling read. Published by Nick Hern Books, known for their selection of high-quality literature, this book is sure to be a valuable addition to your collection. It's available in English, making it accessible to a wide audience. Dive into the world of A Little Life and experience a story that will stay with you long after you've turned the last page.

  • av Tony Kushner

    America in the mid-1980s. In the midst of the AIDS crisis and a conservative Reagan administration, New Yorkers grapple with life and death, love and sex, heaven and hell.

  • av George Orwell

    George Orwell's classic dystopia 1984 is a still-resonant vision of the tolls of living under totalitarianism. Constructed almost entirely from dialogue taken from the original novel, this bold and powerful dramatisation restores the blazing heart of Orwell's work: a doomed love story, with the lovers at its centre.

  • - A Guide for Actors, Directors and Teachers
    av Nick Moseley

    The essential practical guide to the Meisner Technique, written by an expert in the field.

  • av Marina Caldarone & Maggie Lloyd-Williams

    Actors need actions. They cannot "act" adjectives, they need verbs; they need an aim to achieve, an action to perform. This is a thesaurus of active verbs with which the actor can refine the action-word until she or her hits exactly the right one to help make the action come alive.

  • - Theatre Games in Three Courses
    av Glyn Trefor-Jones

    Drama Menu is a brand new concept for planning and delivering dynamic, progressive drama lessons and workshops. Packed with over 150 tried-and-tested theatre games, exercises and improvisation ideas, it's an essential resource for any drama teacher or workshop leader - guaranteed to deliver delicious drama sessions every time. Simply make a selection from each of the three courses, and your whole drama session will come to life with new-found energy and focus: Appetisers are fast-paced warm-up exercises to energise and enthuse the group; Starters are the intermediary course to challenge the players and encourage creativity; Main Courses provide the central part of the session, culminating in a final performance piece; And a few Desserts are also provided, if you have some space at the end of your session for something sweet. Drama Menu is the recipe book that will relieve the stress of planning lessons and workshops. Now you can get on with what you do best: delivering creative drama sessions that will have your groups hungry for more. Join the online Drama Menu community, browse and share other recommended menus, and download a comprehensive Resource Pack and selection of sound effects, providing everything you need to start playing straight away.

  • av Bella Merlin

    A revised and updated edition of Bella Merlin's essential guide to Stanislavsky. The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit collects together for the first time the terms and ideas developed by Stanislavsky throughout his career. It is organised into three sections: Actor-Training, Rehearsal Processes and Performance Practices. Key terms are explained and defined as they naturally occur in this process. They are illustrated with examples from both his own work and that of other practitioners. Each stage of the process is explored with sequences of practical exercises designed to help today's actors and students become thoroughly familiar with the tools in Stanislavsky's toolkit. 'Bella Merlin magically converts her extensive knowledge into real-world practice and on-the-floor technique. This new edition is a necessary and lively resource for any theatre practitioner.' David Chambers, Professor of Directing, Yale School of Drama. 'One of the essential books about acting for both professionals and students' brings new clarity to unlocking what Stanislavsky means for actors today.' Michael Earley, Principal, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance.

  • av David Bowie

    The extraordinary musical inspired by the book The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis and its cult film adaptation starring David Bowie, and incorporating some of Bowie's most iconic songs.

  • av Arthur Bartow

    A unique survey of the twentieth century's most influential acting methods, offering invaluable practical insights for actors and drama teachers.

  • - A Practical Guide for Actors
    av Karen Kohlhaas

    Written by an experienced teacher, and illustrated by line drawings and photographs, this book takes the actor step by step through the crucial process of choosing and performing an audition piece.

  • av Mel Churcher

    We are all a complex mixture of the elemental energies identified by many different cultures throughout history: Earth, Air, Fire, Water - and a fifth element called Quintessence or Spirit. As an actor, you need to be able to access each of them, so that you can draw on whichever element you need to bring your role fully into life.In The Elemental Actor, Mel Churcher explores these deep, primal drives, and gives you practical tools to harness them to make your work more powerful and alive. Her unique approach combines elements of actor training, voice work and movement to increase your range and help you bring depth, specificity and intensity to your performance.The book includes over one hundred games and exercises to help you explore each of the elements, incorporate this work into your practice, and apply it to the world of your role. There are also tips for preparing for auditions and dealing with performance anxiety, as well as advice on how to stay healthy in body, voice and mind.Offering an everlasting palette that will enrich any performance, whether on stage or screen, The Elemental Actor will help you release the wellspring of your imagination, and put elemental power into your work.

  • av Tracy Letts

  • av Alecky Blythe

    Alecky Blythe's engrossing verbatim play tells the stories of a generation. Created from five years of interviews with twelve young people from across the UK, Our Generation is a captivating portrait of their teenage years as they journey into adulthood.Often too extraordinary to be fiction, this funny and moving play is for anyone who is - or has ever been - a teenager.It was co-produced by the National Theatre, London, and Chichester Festival Theatre in 2022, directed by Daniel Evans.

  • av Jeremy O. Harris

  • av Phoebe Waller-Bridge

    The Fleabag bites back. A rip-roaring account of some sort of female living her sort of life. The original award-winning play, now a major TV series.

  • av Steven Sater

  • av Jeremy O. Harris
    131 - 195,-

  • av Nick Moseley

    The indispensable companion to a vital component in every actor's toolkit, this is the first in-depth exploration of Actioning for student actors, those who train them, and professionals working in the industry, whether they're brand new to the technique or have been practising it for years.

  • av Rob Madge

    When Rob was twelve, they attempted a full-blown Disney parade in their house for their Grandma. As Rob donned wigs and played Mary Poppins, Ariel, Mickey Mouse and Belle, their Dad doubled as Stage Manager, Sound Technician and Goofy.Unfortunately, Dad missed all his cues and pushed all the floats in the wrong direction. Mum mistook Aladdin for Ursula. The costumes went awry. And Ariel's bubble gun didn't work properly. Grandma had a nice time, though.My Son's a Queer (But What Can You Do?) is the joyous, chaotic, autobiographical story of actor, writer and social-media sensation Rob Madge as they set out to recreate that parade - and this time, nobody, no, nobody is gonna rain on it.It was first performed at London's Turbine Theatre in June 2021, directed by Luke Sheppard, with music by Pippa Cleary - and starring Rob Madge as Rob Madge, alongside hilarious home movies of the Madge family (plus Granny Grimble).This edition features the complete text of the play, including links to and transcriptions of the video footage, colour photographs and extra bonus content from the RDM* Productions Archive. It concludes with an afterword by Mum and Dad about the joys to be found in championing the creativity of children - and why playing Tinkerbell, with a smile, might be the best thing you can do for your kids, and for yourselves.* Robert Dennis Madge

  • av Andy Nyman

    Andy Nyman's first book, The Golden Rules of Acting, has become a bestseller in the acting world. Now he returns to bring you more priceless nuggets gleaned from more than thirty years in the acting business. Written with the same candid wit as his first book, More Golden Rules of Acting is every actor's new best friend in handy paperback form.

  • - 80 Socially Distanced or Online Theatre Games
    av Glyn Trefor-Jones

    Created specifically to help anyone teaching drama during the COVID-19 pandemic, this collection features 80 games and exercises, all of which are safe and secure to play in this new era of socially distanced teaching and online learning.

  • - A Career Guide for Writers
    av Chris Foxon

    This straightforward and accessible book discusses the opportunities and pitfalls of life as a playwright. Whether you're an aspiring writer wondering how to break into the industry, or a working playwright looking to land bigger commissions, this is your insider road map to navigating the world of professional theatre.

  • av Federico Garcia Lorca
    99 - 195,-

    When Bernarda's husband dies, she locks all the doors and windows. She tells her grown-up daughters to sew and be silent. But locks can't hold back the growing tide of desire. This play by Lorca, the last he wrote before his assassination, explores the darkness at the heart of repression.

  • av Steve Waters

    A guide to the hidden workings of plays and the trade secrets that govern their writing - by the acclaimed playwright Steve Waters. Drawing on a wide range of drama, both historical and modern, Waters takes the reader through the key elements of dramatic writing - scenes, acts, space, time, characters, language and images - to show how a play is more than the sum of its parts, with as much inner vitality as a living organism. Almost uniquely amongst accounts of playwriting, Waters' book looks at the ways in which good plays move their audiences, generating powerful emotional responses that often defy conventional analysis. The Secret Life of Plays is for playwrights at any stage of their career, and will inspire and inform drama students as well as working actors and directors. Most of all it is for anyone who has ever laughed or cried in the theatre - and wants to know why. 'Thrilling... crammed with good, old-fashioned close reading of a diverse range of plays, which means that although Waters does primarily address those who write for the theatre, he does not forget those who like watching and reading it' TLS 'Essential for aspiring playwrights'

  • - Techniques and Exercises for Musical-Theatre Actors
    av Paul Harvard

    An impassioned and invaluable guide for actors and students of musical theatre. In Acting Through Song,?Paul Harvard takes the techniques of modern actor training - including the theories of Stanislavsky, Brecht, Meisner and Laban, amongst others - and applies them to the fundamental component of musical theatre: singing. With dozens of exercises to put these theories into practice, and numerous examples from a broad range of musicals, the result is a comprehensive and rigorous acting course for those training in musical theatre or already performing, whether amateur or professional, to realise their potential - and act better. 'The most methodical, thorough and practical book on the subject that I've ever read.' - Daniel Evans, from his foreword 'If you want to maximise your potential in this tough profession, this is not just a must-read - it's your Bible.' - Stuart Barr

  • - A step-by-step guide for actors
    av Barbara Houseman

    A Complete Voice Training Manual For Actors A simple, step-by-step manual, written by an RSC voice coach, which offers everything that an actor needs to work on their voice. Suitable for actors at all levels, from students and young professionals to established and experienced actors. Drama teachers in schools and committed amateur actors who want to increase their vocal skills and understanding will also find it invaluable. Includes sections on: Preparation Body Work Breathing and Support Breathing Into Sound: Supporting the Voice Releasing the Sound Filling out the Sound: Resonance Extending the Sound: Range Shaping the Sound: Articulation Trouble-Shooting. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction, then clearly and succinctly sets out a sequence of relevant exercises - accompanied by simple diagrams - ending with a summary of what we have learned. 'Brilliantly guides the actor using exercises and tools that can revolutionise the voice. It's a boon!' Joseph Fiennes 'Barbara's work is simple and practical, encouraging each actor to be free and fluid with their own voice... Very inspiring' Emily Watson 'Barbara has a great understanding of the way that actors' anxieties can affect their voice. Her tone is calm, reassuring and good humoured' Niamh Cusack

  • av Declan Donnellan

    A fresh and radical approach to acting by a world-famous director. 'This new "e;Advice to the Players"e; cuts open every generalisation about acting and draws out gleamingly fresh specifics. Behind the joy and humour of the writing, Declan Donnellan is subtly leading young actors to an awareness of the living processes behind their work. He brings as evidence the rich field of thought and intuition that direct experience has made his own.' - Peter Brook

  • av Kenneth Lonergan

    Described as 'America's greatest living playwright' (Wall Street Journal), Kenneth Lonergan is internationally acclaimed for his trademark humour and his genius for capturing the real heart and soul of human interactions. This volume gathers together three of his landmark plays; This is our Youth, The Waverly Gallery and Lobby Hero.

  • av Steven Levenson

    A new edition of the hugely successful musical, published alongside its West End premiere.

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